Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pillow Talk

So, my pillow has gone flat on me.  It's lasted me many, many years but suddenly at the beginning of this week I started waking up every day with that annoying my-pillow-is-too-flat neck ache.  At first I thought I'd just tough it out, you know, wad up some baby blankets behind my pillow or something.  But then I had this small memory of having an extra pillow or two in a closet somewhere... somewhere.... Oh, of course!  That closet in Martin's weight room!  The one who's door is completely blocked by STUFF, including but not limited to, a bookshelf full of ammo boxes!  (Ammo boxes equals lead, by the way. In other words, heavy stuff.)  But once I remembered the extra pillow, I was determined, so I braved all hazards and eventually got to the hidden closet, and was able to open the door enough for me to get into it.  And do you know what I found?  Not one pillow... not two pillows.... I found TEN PILLOWS.  !?!?!?  Who has ten pillows stashed and forgotten in a closet?!?  TEN!!!!!  And to think, for the last four or five years, Martin and I have been trying to figure out how to make our sad, flattening pillows last a little longer.  And these aren't just more sad, flat pillows that are hidden in the closet.  (Well, okay, a few of them are... and one of them might be legitimately flat because it's my old, old pillow from when I was little and it has a hole and all the feathers have fallen out.  But I probably shouldn't even count it as a pillow since it's more like a rag with a couple of feathers stuck in it.)  But the real treasures were these four fluffy, clean, practically unused pillows.  I put them in clean white pillowcases and they have changed my life!  My neck doesn't hurt anymore!  I have trouble falling asleep now because I just lie awake enjoying the fluffiness beaneath my head and neck!  It's AMAZING!! 

But that wasn't even all I found.  Aside from the ten pillows there was also an entire BOX of sheets.  Now those I remembered.  They are actually pretty useless because they are queen or full sized and we only have king and twin-sized mattresses now.  So I put them in that box intending to use them for quilt backs.  But I hadn't remembered them until I saw them! 

Another weird thing in that closet was a white terrycloth bathrobe that was in that closet when we moved in, but I thought we'd given it to Goodwill.  Some things in our house were big scores.  But I don't think I could ever wear somebody else's bathrobe.  I don't wear bathrobes anyway, I think they're icky.  (Nevermind that I just spent my entire JoAnn's gift card on flannel to make my children bathrobes.  On grownups they are icky.  On children they are cute.)
This picture is of Greta painting.  Do any of my readers use Instagram!?  I love it. 

I'm at Starbucks right now.  (Hello, more giftcards!) It's part of my afternoon out with myself.  JoAnn's, Bed Bath and Beyond (again, gift card... this one was from the first Christmas we were married.  Luckily, it hadn't lost any of it's value and I got a set of sheets and a bathmat. FOR FREE!!  I hadn't been in that store for many, many years... i just can't fathom paying $40 for a soap dish,) a mocha treat here and then I should go to Target to get butter but I probably won't because after all this fun, who wants to ruin the high by going to the grocery store?

But I'd better be heading home now because I'm hungry.  And I really should resist the urge for one of those ginormous brownies and instead go home to some sort of relatively healthy lunch.

P.S.  Blogger has changed it's format since the last time I was blogging regularly and I'm getting lost a lot.


Red Herring Jeff said...

I LOVE Instagram! I use it to take pics for my blog, and for the facebook. It's so nice to not have to plug my camera into the computer everytime I want to post a picture! Plus, all the filters are cool.

My screen name is redherringjeff.

Clare said...

I really wish I had a closet like yours... I need a new fluffy pillow soooo bad. I am so happy you are back to blogging!