Friday, January 20, 2012

Making Mrs. Thaw

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Yesterday was a snowy day. It snowed all day and we got a lot more than had been forecast for us.  But it was also really cold, so we didn’t venture outside… instead we stayed in and gave our Nature Table a little bit of a facelift.  It was lovely during Christmas—all the little gnomies had presents and a Christmas tree and I made a little Holy Family doll set.  It was very nice and we had a white ground, even though we had a brown Christmas.  But all that was put away and our table has been empty since Epiphany.  So yesterday we laid out the white tablecloth (ok, pillowcase) and rearranged a little bit.  Then we made Mrs. Thaw!  I have this book (which doesn’t actually belong to me…) that has some really great nature table ideas.  And in it, they have King Winter and Mrs. Thaw… Mrs. Thaw comes along with her broom to sweep away the snow in early spring.  Isn’t that adorable?!  So we made Mrs. Thaw, but she doesn’t have a broom, and since it’s still the middle of winter, she is sleeping in a little bed that Anja made for her. (well, actually, she WAS sleeping in her little bed but she gets played with a lot.  I don’t know where she is at the moment.)  So that’s what we spent all of yesterday afternoon doing while we watched the snow fall.  It was really nice.

And now today the snow is falling again.  This is the best kind of snow… it’s been snowing almost constantly for two days, but we still only have a couple of inches.  We’re supposed to get a few more inches tonight before we warm up in a few days.  I’ll be sad when winter is over.  I really love winter and it’s coziness.  Of course, I bet I would love it a lot less if I didn’t have this nice warm house.  

I mentioned the fact that Anja has been going to sleep without her “bont-bont” and during my last post she was out with Martin.  Well, when she got home she announced quite suddenly that she was just going to kiss us goodnight and go to bed.   What?!?  My baby?!??  But it was true.  She did it.  That night Martin went up with her and tucked her in, but since then (this is night #4, I think) she has just kissed us goodnight down here and gone on up by herself.  And she falls right asleep!  It’s incredible.  And every time she leaves the room Martin and I make pouty faces because we can’t believe how big our little Pie is. 

It’s going to be really weird to have a newborn again.  I’m so used to saying “Put on your shoes, let’s go” or “go put on your pajamas and pick out a book” that it’s going to be strange to have to do things FOR a little person.  And by “things” I of course mean EVERYTHING.  Gosh, I barely wipe bottoms anymore.  But I’m really looking forward to being able to have control over somebody’s daily clothing… I have officially lost control over what my girls wear (except on Sundays, and even then we let them sometimes choose their own tights and shoes) and sometimes it’s really obvious by what they pick from their drawers.  But that’s okay!  They are independent thinkers, right?  And it’s not like we leave the house anyway.

Except tomorrow… I’m hoping we get to get out and play in the snow tomorrow since it’s Saturday!
Happy weekend!

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