Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back at the Kitchen Table

So, now that we have this laptop, and now since we have this all-powerful iPhone, and now that we’ve figured out how to do that tethering thing through the iPhone, I am at last able to enter back into the technological world from my kitchen table!  This is pretty incredible.  It’s been a long, long time since I’ve made a blog post in this fashion….. Geeminy, an entire year and a half.  Whew.  Well, it’s good to be back!

My parents are without a computer these days and my mom, even though she says, “Isn’t it nice to not have a computer?” has developed a twitch and the other day when I was there with my laptop she started drooling a little bit while she was watching me update my blog. And the truth is, yes, not having a computer is VERY freeing and a wonderful experience.  But sometimes things happen that I just want to share.  And when things come up and you really want to make a blog post and you just CAN’T, that’s when not having a computer is really, really obnoxious.

But other than that, it was nice to not have one.  Especially when we had the iPhone, because then I could still look up recipes.  And speaking of recipes, you should Google search “Hershey’s Hot Fudge Pudding Cake” right now, and then make that recipe.  I’m not joking—RIGHT NOW!!!!  It is the most magical recipe ever.  Not only magical because I just can’t understand how it happens (you put all the ingredients together to make a regular cake mix, then you put a layer of dry ingredients on top, then you dump hot water over everything and don’t stir—and somehow, this comes out LOOKING like a chocolate cake, but when you dig in with your serving spoon, THE ENTIRE BOTTOM IS DELICIOUS HOT FUDGE) but it’s also magical to EAT.

Okay, the next recipe is for the best pancakes you’ll ever eat.  I found this recipe tonight when I scorched two separate batches of tomato soup.  (Talk about annoying.)  I think I Googled “Pancake recipe” and I used the first hit, which is a VERY simple recipe from AllRecipes.com.  The reviews were all great, so I tried it, and ohmygoodness, these were the best pancakes I’ve ever had!  It helps that I tend to us a lot of butter when cooking my pancakes, and it might have helped too that I actually ran out of baking powder so I substituted the last half baking soda, half cream of tartar for the last teaspoon of baking powder…. Not sure if that really did anything but make them more salty, haha.  Anyway… they were awesome.

Okay, this is not what I was itching to make a blog post about.  I came here to talk about baby things, specifically the adorable dress--which is NOT pictured above because I can't find my pictures at all on this weird computer... what was I saying about being glad to be back in the technological world?!--  which makes me kind of yearn for another baby girl, come June 13th-ish.  (Ultrasound exactly matched my thought due date, which according to Mrs. Beardmore’s theory, guarantees this baby is a girl!) We’ve never had a warm weather baby… Anja and Greta were both born on sunny warm days, but came home to a string of cold wetness. (In Greta’s case, it was cold snowiness.  At the end of March.)  So to think that I could have a baby actually tiny enough to wear this during warm weather makes me pretty hopeful!  I have a very small box of baby girl things saved back from the loads I delivered to the used children’s stores about a week before I found out I was pregnant again. And if I am surprised and this is a boy baby, I will be very glad I got rid of so many boxes (Eleven diaper boxes FULL!) of girls clothes.

Oh! And speaking of the ultrasound, which was yesterday… we had finally decided that we WOULD find out the gender (a first for us!) because Anja really, really wanted to know, and also because sometimes she starts crying just thinking that it might be a boy. (I’m not joking. I wish I were.)  So we thought if we found out now that it’s a boy, we could make the preparation more fun, rather than dropping it on her at the birth when her life is already being turned upside down simply by there being a new baby of either gender there in the first place.  And she was really excited to find out, and both girls came along to the ultrasound (Greta was totally not interested, but Anja thought it was cool) and then… then!.... the baby’s legs were pressed together and the technician said she couldn’t even take a guess.  BLAH!  So we still don’t know!  Oh well…. At least we tried.  And funnily enough, Anja doesn’t really seem to care anymore.

In other news, we went to see The Nutcracker on Sunday and it was just as beautiful an experience for Anja as it was last year.  It held Greta’s attention for about ten minutes…. Eventually she and I went outside and when we came back in for Sugar Plum’s dance (there’s something about that pink, sticky-outy tutu that is just so magical!) Greta waited for a silent part and then shouted “BAH!”  and was pretty pleased with herself.

Sometimes I can’t believe how different Anja and Greta are. 

Oh dear, it’s 10:30. I’d better hang this up.  Nice to know I can blog anytime though!  Welcome back, Sticky Kisses!


Clare said...

Welcome back!! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back indeed! Been there and done that about the wee ones legs being crossed. Blah. I'm so excited for your third!

Anonymous said...

I do Not have a twitch!!!! Thanks for making fun of the handicapped! Who raised you, anyway??

Alison Troyer Price said...

Hello Little Bump! So cute!