Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birthday Bugs

We all enjoyed round 2 of the stomach bug that's been going around this week.  It started with Martin and Anja, and later that night Greta and I just had a very mild feeling-badness that came on. It seems unfortunate that we spent so much of my brother and sister-in-law's two week visit trying to AVOID that bug, and then at the last minute we finally succumbed. Oh well, over now! 

Last night we had a birthday party for my mom (age is secret) and my gorgeous niece Ronia (age 1!)  Anna made that fabulous chocolate cake in the picture above.  Doesn't it look like the perfect springtime birthday celebration, with the butterfly garland and all the pink flowers?  And I like how that ball of pink yarn in the background looks like an Easter egg.

The visiting relatives are leaving tonight.  Last minute items on the agenda include a trip to the knitting store today with Anna, and I can't wait.  Maybe I'll be able to talk her into a quick jaunt to the fabric store as well--I'm in desperate need of some elastic.  I have so many projects I want to make (go ahead and ask me if my sewing machine is still in a box somewhere or if my floors have been fully painted... yes, and no.) but they all require elastic and I have none.  None! I need to be on the lookout for an elastic whole-saler. 

Here's another picture of Ronia with her little bunny my mom gave her (so cute) and her birthday cupcake. First birthdays are so special. It's like you are not just "the baby" anymore, but one of the gang.  So fun.

So on Instagram (iPhone app, with which Martin and I are COMPLETELY OBSESSED) there's this little thing called Photo A Day, and it starts over every month. You get a list of daily themes... March 1st was "up" and March 2nd was "fruit."  This is our fruit picture:

I call it Clementine Chameleon.  Today is "your neighborhood."  We jumped on board after following RedHerringJeff  (who reads this blog!) through Feburary's Photo A Day and it's a fun little daily activity.

And yeah, in other news of non-productivity, the floors are not fully painted yet, although I have been making slight progress.  Not exactly DAILY, but close enough. Today at the knitting store I will have to show some level of self control and focus my funds on yarn to finish projects (diaper cover, and sweater) instead of getting big ideas for something new.  I am making progress on everything but I currently have four unfinished projects in the works and I'm starting to feel the need to actually complete something.

And today our beloved Auntie Perkalator is coming for a visit!  She has a beautiful new niece.  So she's not actually coming to see US, but she appreciates the comfort of our couch on her visits.

Welcome, meteorological spring!

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1 comment:

Red Herring Jeff said...

Ha-ha-ha! Thanks for the shout out! Your photo today was great, by the way. I miss living close to main street. I'm so thankful that this bout of sickness that seems to have been going around the world these last weeks seems to have passed us by. Keeping my fingers crossed that more outside days will keep it away for the rest of the year. :)

I Can't believe Ronia's a year old already!