Monday, March 5, 2012

What Is This?

Some time ago, I saw on Soulemama's blog (oh my gosh, do I read anything else?!  I seriously don't even read her blog that often--especially not her current posts!  But it sounds like that's all I do, I know) that she'd made a sling bag.  Actually, from the post I kind of couldn't figure out what it was for awhile--baby sling or bag?--but it turned out it was a bag.  Well, I decided to make one for myself and see how it turned out.  And it turned out.... just as hazy as hers.  What is this thing I made?  Is it a bag? Or is it a baby sling?

After testing it out with Greta it's obvious that it is a bag.  But I couldn't tell by looking.  If I want it to be a baby sling I'll have to do some serious modifications to the shoulder strap.  So I guess I have a new bag!  It was quick to make (and in case you're wondering, no, the floors are not done; I set up my sewing machine at our desk downstairs in the dining room) and it has elastic along the sides to kind of pouch it up a bit, but I might add a button closure as well because it seems like my belongings might just fall right out.  Or I'd at least be an easy victim of a pickpocket.

Today I've had mostly a one-child day as Anja has been playing with her dollhouse in the dining room ALL DAY LONG.  I'm not even joking.  We ate an early lunch and immediately afterward she told me I wasn't invited allowed into the room because she was playing one of her games, and she's been setting up her dollhouse and playing with her fairies and gnomes for the whole entire day.  I'm getting ready to make dinner right now.  I'm kind of amazed at how long she's been in there, completely engrossed in her play.

Here's the other day's Photo A Day challenge picture, which was themed "my neighborhood."  My sister-in-law and I got to take a little trip over to Main Street to the yarn store, and it turned out the girls wanted to come along and they wanted Martin to come too.  I got yarn enough to finish the diaper cover I'd been knitting (yay!) but I'm afraid I messed up the legholes (boo.) We'll see if I can fix them, or if the mistakes end up mattering at all.

Stir Fry tonight!  Yum!!

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Red Herring Jeff said...

Aren't those days when one kid's occupied just amazing? Every now and then, Abby gets just engrossed in something, and I can just hang out with olive. Spending time with one is so different from spending time with two.

I'd meant to tell you that I linked to you from my work blog. I'm planning on doing a "12 days of Pinterest" crafting marathon this summer, and am expecting at least one spectacular disaster. The project was inspired by your post about blogging perfection. Ha-ha-ha!

Oh! Der...The link: