Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Very Special Day

So, our little Gretabird is three years old now. Hard to believe!  She had a delightful birthday and a delightful party on Saturday with our families.  We took a trolley ride to get ice cream and flowers and I made carrot soup just like she asked for.  It was a really lovely day.  We were able to find all of her weird gift requests on amazon (even the cockroach! And it was a hit!) and it was just a happy little day spent all together doing things Greta likes.  So nice.

Thanks, Instagram, for the cool pictures.

In other news, I'm in the middle of two projects for Baby which need another skein of yarn, so I started another wool soaker today.  This one will be more newborn sized. I do like knitting for this baby, and I have this feeling of urgency to get all my crafting projects done now before time runs out. Today I made the girls each a new skirt, and oh my gosh, if you had little girls and have not made the free Lazy Days Skirt from Oliver + S (for free on their website) YOU HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT NOW. I am a few years behind on this.... I found out about these skirts from the Soulemama archives (I'm up to Fall 2008)... but I am SO glad I found them.  The pattern is nothing--hardly even a pattern, really--but brilliant.  It's just a full width of fabric with the selvedge kept on, cut at whatever length you want. You make your elastic casing with a folded under edge (actually, I'm lazy about ironing, so I zig-zagged my edge first) then for the bottom you attach a ribbon... but you don't attach it to the bottom hem--you sew it to the wrong side first, then turn it over and sew the top of it like quilt binding, therefore encasing the rough edge inside the ribbon!!  SO SMART!!!!  Because of all these little tricks put together, this skirt seriously took me twenty minutes to make.  So of course, once I made one, I had to make another.  Pictures tonight or tomorrow.  I am so in love with these skirts, I'm afraid my girls will be wearing just an assortment of these for the entire summer. 

And speaking of summer.... it's almost planting time.

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