Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finished Projects!

I can't believe how many projects I've completed over the past few days!  I have not yet actually carried the bag from the last post, but I did haul stuff out to the yard in it the other day when it was so nice and we went out back to play.  It was a nice bag to hang on the back of the patio chair and keep my magazine, camera, phone, etc. contained.  That same day I made a stack of cloth baby wipes.  I figure if I start now using up flannel scraps, I'll have enough wipes to use entirely cloth with the new baby.

Then after all that success, I just couldn't stop myself and I dove into my fabric tub and decided to make some pajamas.  Not without reason... all of my pajama pants are literally worn to threads. 

These pants are the most comfortable, well-fitting pajama pants I've ever WORN, let alone MADE for myself.  (It helped to make the bottom nice and roomy. Sad as that is to say.) I luuuuuuv them.
But once I made myself the pants, I just HAD to make a matching nightgown for Anja. (Greta says she doesn't want any.  Boo.)

 It's very "Felicity" I think... except a little bit short.  She requested the lace around the wrists and neck, and I have to say, she does look a little bit like a china doll in it.  I made it the same way I make their Feast chemises, with the basic elastic neckline and wrists and nice poofy sleeves.  I l-u-v this nightgown more than I l-u-v my pants. And that's two finished projects in two days!

But wait!  There's MORE!!
Late last night I was working on my orange sweater for only a few minutes before I ran out of yarn.  (I'm really hoping I can convince the girls to bundle up--it's cold again today--and walk down to the yarn store this afternoon.)  I took advantage of the knitting urge to finish this wool diaper cover:

 I used a pattern for this and I absolutely love it.  It will eventually have some cotton ribbon through the front the cinch it up a bit.  For the leg holes, the pattern says to pick up 32 stitches and rib, but I was having a hard time picking up that many, so I tried three times and always ended up with itty bitty leg holes.  And in the end, a completely mishapen side. To solve the problem, I knit the ribbed leg holes as separate pieces and sewed them on.  It worked great!  And it totally hides the messed up, stretched-out part!  I will be making more of these, for sure.  Quick and easy and cute, and unlike the two diaper covers I've knit in the past which turned out big enough for ME to wear, this one looks like it will actually fit a baby.

On that nice sunny, warm day earlier this week we saw a couple of signs of spring in our yard and on our walk we saw a few green shoots on one tree!  It looks like this particular daffodil might be in bloom for Greta's birthday, but for the most part, the only thing out of the ground around here are the leaves.  I am hopeful for a bouquet of daffodils on the table for her birthday.
Spring is on the way!

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Anne said...

Yay - there is no better feeling than finishing projects!!