Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Take a Load Off

It's Spring! Once again, my pictures are all over the place and I have no idea where they'll actually end up in the post. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop So, I'm pregnant.  I know this is not news, at least it's not news to ME... I've known since September.  And I'm happy to be pregnant. REALLY happy, in fact!  But this is the first day that I've really felt PREGNANT. As in, "ugh." Was the second trimester really that short?  I don't know how many weeks I am (I can't seem to keep track this time) but if I'm shooting for a June 13th due date then I have less than three months to go....

So today I didn't even really do that much; just the laundry and dishes and general keeping-of-house.  But I just felt like a whale and my feet hurt and my back hurt and I was sooooo tiiiiirrrreeed all day long it was so whimpy and ridiculous!  When Martin got home I walked down to the knitting store to get myself a second skein of that blue yarn to finish the Pebble Vest but even though I took the tag with me, I somehow managed to get the wrong color.  Grrr. 

So the Pebble Vest is on hold but that's okay because today I realized that I never actually made the hood for the red hoodie I knit for the baby!  So I can hurry up and do that and maybe by then I will have gotten myself the right color of Berroco for the vest.

This Thursday is Greta's birthday. Martin is taking the day off work (it's a nice little gesture he does for the girls, I think, taking a vacation day on their birthdays) and so far we have planned a trolley ride to the flower store and a visit to the library for her to get her very own library card, just like Anja did when she turned three.  She's requested carrot soup and biscuits for dinner, and the rest of the day I think we will just relax and be happy!  I think it's even supposed to start cooling off a little on that day, and then of course be much cooler on Saturday, when we'll have the families over for a little party.

So anyway, as glad as I am to be pregnant, I'll be glad when I'm not anymore.  I forgot how annoying it can be to be so big and round.  And this little baby is a roly poly one... and very STRETCHY.  It seems to just stretch out sometimes--repeatedly. Maybe I'm growing a little yogini, haha.

I'm glad Spring has come early.  I think with the lousy winter it's nice to not have to wait for the little leaf buds and flower blossoms to appear.  We don't have to have that mid-march wondering of "will we EVER see green again?!"  I think it's really nice. 


Mrs. H. said...

Yogini How funny! What is Greta making? Biscuits? This last " stretch". Ha of pregnancy can be tough.

Alison Troyer Price said...

I am right there with you about feeling PREGNANT! I've got 5 weeks & only one child & feel totally ready for our little wild woman to get here. I can't imagine doing it with two. Seriously, you're amazing.

Happy birthday to Greta, how is it possible she's three?!