Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back on Folk Alley

Martin is working out back here and I came back to mess around, mostly just to listen to this fabulous playlist on Folk Alley. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT. And it just DOES stuff to me...

This morning Anja was in a terrible mood. Finally I convinced her (after A LOT of coaxing) to get into her stroller so we could go for a walk. As soon as we were out the door, she was so happy and stayed that way for our entire walk. As soon as we were back home, the screams began again. She didn't take a nap, but was relatively happy all afternoon. (It's funny--the grumpier she is in the morning, the less likely she is to take a nap.) Later in the day we decided to walk down to the Farmers Market since it was Thursday afternoon, but nobody was there! So instead, we walked up to K.Dee's where Kim and Jacob and George were playing music. I haven't played the last couple of weeks because Martin has been getting home late from work and it isn't do-able for me to play without him there to watch the kidders (and get me to the coffee shop, since two babies plus guitar and banjo take up more hands than I have.)

I love folk music.


Sarah said...

I am glad that you weren't playing, because when you texted me about rattail man, I thought I had missed you! I am glad to know I didn't=)

And the Thursday FM has moved to campus until the students get back. Then it will be back downtown.

Dave said...

Totally agree... Folk Alley Rocks.