Friday, August 21, 2009

If I Needed You

I think it can be agreed upon that one of the best kinds of falling in love is when you've forgotten you're in love, but then something little reminds you, and it's like falling in love all over again for a second time. Tonight Martin and I fell in love again.... WITH TOWNES VAN ZANDT!!!!!! "Uncle" Kim brought us by a live Townes Van Zandt album this afternoon and it's awesome. Martin has a live album, but this one is waaaaaaay better. Townes can be a little bit like Bob Dylan at times... you know he can sing better than he does. And when he DOES sing better, it's amazing!

Greta is big enough for the exersaucer now, so even though it's 9:40 and she's still not in bed, I don't mind because she's happily playing right here beside me while I blog! In fact, right at this moment she's working the little plastic steering wheel pretty well.... driving already! They DO grow up too fast!

After I make this post, I'm going to create a new poll. I figure since Anja never sleeps anyway, I'd try some experimentation... of course now it's the crazy weekend, so my real trials will have to start next week.

This weekend is going to be nuts! We were going to go up to Chicago on Sunday, but that turns out to be the day we're celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday, so we switched Chicago to Saturday (tomorrow) and will do birthday stuff on Sunday. I'm very excited to meet our new nephew, Carlos. I was going to make banana bread, but I ran out of flour! So we're just going to take up some Farmers Market fruit. Good enough, especially if we get lucky with our watermelon choice. This morning Martin cut open the last of our watermelon stash and we ate half of it for breakfast. I put the other half on the kitchen table and Anja and I nibbled it away throughout the day. Delicious!

Then my mom brought me a chocolate milkshake that had been in the freezer. I put it in the fridge for not very long, and it might've been the best milkshake I've ever had.

We'll leave for Chicago sometime tomorrow morning. I've got everything we need packed up and waiting by the door. We'll have to make it to the grocery sometime tomorrow so that I can make a pie or a cake for TusaRebecca's birthday sometime before Sunday afternoon. I say "pie or cake" but I know I'll make a pie, because I love making pies. I saw in Country Living Magazine some pies with cut-out crust laid on top of the fruit, instead of a flat crust with designs cut out of it. Now I want to collect all sorts of weird cookie cutters and start topping my pies that way.

And speaking of cookie cutters, Anja found her little tin tea set under the bed today so we kind of had a tea party. Except she didn't quite understand the concept of a tea party, so she spent most of the time playing with her tea set in a bowl of water that had already been on the table, and trying to bury the tiny teacups in the watermelon that was also on the table. It made me really look forward to when the girls are older than they can really have little tea parties together and I will make them tiny cookies for them to share with their dolls and with Theodore, who will most definitely be the guest of honor at every tea party. (The other day I gave Anja a plate of hard boiled egg, and she and Theodore shared it! So cute!) For our wedding, Anne gave us a set of miniature cookie cutters that are shaped like leaves and acorns and pumpkins. They are sooooooooo cute, and I now have visions of tiny leaf-shaped snickerdoodles set out on tiny plates with tiny teacups full of a very small amount of apple juice. I CAN'T WAIT.

Today our dryer finally konked. It's lasted a good two years, but it's been a little unpredictable for the last couple of months and today it finally buzzed it's last buzz and didn't start up again. So on the way home from work Martin bought a clothes line at the hardware store. I can't figure out where we'll string it, as we only have one tree.... but I guess we could run it from the tree to one of the posts by the patio. We'll see tomorrow morning. I have to get it up soon because I've got two big loads of clothes, all wet, sitting in both the washer and the dryer, and I can practically smell the mold they are intending to grow soon if I don't get them out of there. It's funny that our dryer broke this week, because just on Sunday I was telling my mom about how in the winter, Martin puts my towels in the dryer for me while I'm in the shower so that I have a nice warm towel when I'm finished! It's a lovely treat that will now just be a lovely memory. Haha! Oh well.

I'm also taking baby steps to get the house in order, including the back room. The problem with my baby steps is that my real baby takes steps that are much bigger than mine, and also much more destructive. So even though I'm working hard, I don't really feel like I'm making much progress. However, I did organize one corner and one closet of the girls' bedroom today! So even though the rest of the room is a complete disaster, that 2' x 2'corner looks just beautiful.

Time to see if Greta goes to bed... hopefully I'll get that poll up, and also something to the cooking blog before I go to bed myself....


Sarah said...

You should invite Gracie over for a tea party. She had an awesome pottery tea set, but over time, her brothers have destoyed it, so that all we have left is a lonely cup. Christopher dropped the pot on the sidewalk a last week.

Have you read the FlyLady book? I am reading it now -- it might help with your babysteps to orgaizing.

Have fun in Chicago!

Anne said...

You're coming to Chicago and I'm going to Lafayette! Blah. I wonder where in Chicago your SIL lives...maybe we could be friends?! :o)