Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Growing Up So Fast!

Our little bird has a tooth!! I discovered it today after she wiggled off her blanket and I was pulling dog hairs out of her mouth. I thought 4 months seemed a little young to have a tooth, but there it is, bottom left, plain as day. I guess that might explain her unusual fussiness last week. I can't believe how big she seems already. She is already getting up on all fours. Not properly--not like preparing for takeoff-- but she does it. She scoots herself all over the place and I'm to the point where I have to put two quilts on the floor because one only contains her for a few minutes. She generally just goes all over the place, but often enough she'll do the backward scoot and end up lodged underneath something or between two pieces of furniture. And this sounds like I'm leaving her alone for long periods of time to allow her to accomplish this, but it isn't true... this most often happens when she is in the doorway to the kitchen and I am washing dishes. *Put Greta down, wash plate, look over, find Greta gone from quilt and recover her from underneath green table.*

Meanwhile, Anja has entered a sort of clingy stage. Today she wanted to sit on my lap ALL DAY LONG. And it was really funny because she would find ridiculous excuses. When she wants me to sit with her she says "Mama!" and points beside her, or pats beside her. I will sit and she'll craw into my lap, then get up and find a book or something, and return with it. Today she made me sit, sat in my lap, then looked around for a minute, got up and found Martin's "American Rifleman" magazine and came back with it. I didn't think she was so desperate for attention! The weirdest part is that Greta took awesome naps today while Anja only slept about 50 minutes (because I knocked something down in the kitchen and woke her up! Grr!) so she and I had LOTS of one-on-one time. Oh well.

Martin and I have a new nephew! My sister-in-law (Martin's sister) had her second baby boy this afternoon. I think we will not be going up to Chicago this weekend to meet the new family member because our girls have been rashy this week. I am still excited to meet him though!

I haven't been taking many pictures lately. I should be better about that.


LauraSuz said...

Congrats on the new nephew! I saw the carrot soup too and it looks really good.

Sarah said...

Congrats to AnnLaura and Co. Christina just had her baby, too! If it make you feel any better, PeterXavier is still rashy. It doesn't bother him at all, but it is still very visible.