Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Movers and the Shakers

Everybody's on the move these days. The Cooks have left us. It was VERY sad. It's weird to think that I won't see Tara watering her flowers, or Harry and Zoe coming home from school, or Doug running to meet the bus in the morning. They will have a wonderful adventure in New York... I only wish we could've packed ourselves into their luggage and gone with them!

Another mover is our Greta Bird. She is soooooo clooooooose to crawling. She is never still anymore, she always wants to be on the ground, wiggling, rocking, learning the crawling motions.
There isn't really much news. Tonight Martin and I were eating country ribs and reminiscing about our courtship. Martin used to bake me things and bring them to my apartment. I'm sure I've mentioned that on here before. We were talking about these specific cookies that he made for me once and it really made me want them.... chocolatey and raspberry-y and absolutely delectible. Martin spent all of his time and money trying to win me over and I never answered or returned his phone calls. Oh well--it all turned out ok in the end, I suppose!

Oh, here's something funny. We went down to K.Dee's tonight (it being Thursday and all) but we were too late to bother with instruments, so I just sang one song with them, and that was it. But afterward, Kim invited Martin out to the BrewCo with all of them to try the new beer they have that is brewed with K.Dee's coffee. Strange concept, but Martin said it was really good. Anyway, the point of my story is that MY musician friends invited HIM out for beers. HELLO!? What about me?! Kim said I had to let him go with them, in appreciation for him being such a good husband and father. I guess he's right, but STILL.

Anyway, I'm kidding about being jealous and/or bitter... I actually had an enormous headache and being social and having a beer was about the last thing I wanted to do. I am so glad that Martin went though because he had a really good time and he got to hang out with all of my musician friends and his own friend Gerry (who is really more his friend than mine because they talk 2nd Ammendment, etc.) and he came home really happy, and that's always fun to see. Plus, he NEVER goes out without me. And everybody loves the BrewCo. The funniest thing about him going out was this: at the end of the evening, after Gerry had left, the waitress came to talk to Martin. He didn't really know why... and she was telling him about Gerry's bill. She offered to give Martin the reciept to take to Gerry saying, "cause he's your dad, right?" Haha! Did she not notice that Gerry is a million feet tall, and Martin is tiny!? Funny, funny stuff.

If anyone read this post last night or early this morning, you'll see that I've now added some pictures. Oh! Some more moving and shaking that's gone on here, is with this cabinet that I snatched up from the Cook's house the other night while I was helping Tara clean. Funnily enough, I'd been admiring it during one of the times I was there to water their plants while they were in Utah. It's just this wooden cabinet with "glass"paned doors that are really plastic, but it is so cute. So I took it. And I put it in my kitchen, next to our blue shelves, and it looked REALLY BAD. And I knew it looked bad, but I didn't know where else to put it, and it's not like it was just a useless piece of furniture; having it has allowed me to clear some of my messy kitchen counter! I moved some of my spices over there so that now my spice rack is much tidier and my countertop is less cluttered and dirty.

But last night while Martin was out with our friends, I had a fabulous idea to get rid of the pedistal that holds the CD player, which always falls over, and is a huge mess, and to put the cabinet there instead. So I did, and this is what I got:AND I LOVE IT!!! Martin commented that its new location makes our kitchen look much more cute and much less antique store. It really did look bad right against the blue shelves where it was before, and I knew it. I'm so glad I thought to move it. Now there are very few nasty areas of our kitchen. Always a good thing! (Notice the books on the bottom shelf of this cabinet. Those are to replace the torn paper bag full of books that sat in the doorway for months because they wouldn't all fit on the living room shelves. Also notice that the yellow CD player still has a home in its same spot--the back of the top two shelves are open, so the cord isn't even visible! Perfect!)

And now for some more pictures to please the eye and brain. Mary Grace and Greta--one day apart in age, and HOLDING HANDS!!!!!Anja looked so cute this day in her little green checked shirt and overalls. Greta's overalls are blue checked with little flowers on the bib pocket. I just HAD to take a thousand pictures...

This is my funny omlette that got suctioned into the lid. When I lifted the lid to fold the omlette--whoops! We laughed and laughed. And took a picture, of course.
The Cook and Schap girls: Ellie, Greta, Kenna, Anja, Zoe.
Anja during naptime.
Harry Cook took this picture of the girls and me. I know it's a little dark, but I still think it's a nice little picture.


Sarah said...

I LOVE how you moved your cute cabinet! It looks great there. And I am glad to know hat the panes are plastic -- I was a little concerned yesterday=)

Anonymous said...

Your new cabinet looks FANTASTIC!
And the pictures of the girls are wonderful.....especially the one of Anja sleeping and the one of all three of you outside Cook's house. You look like an old-fashioned little family.
Have fun with Perkins this week-end. Just don't take her downtown.....Outfest is Saturday.
Love, Mama

Anne said...

I really like that pic of you, too!

LauraSuz said...

I was hoping to see the picture of our girls. Too cute...all your pictures are cute!

See you Monday!