Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Garbage Day Already!?

I have been wanting to post on multiple occasions throughout the past week, but we've been having some serious going-t0-sleep issues around here and blogging has taken a back seat to other things, like getting sleep for myself.

The Feast was cold. The girls did great, especially Greta, considering all the smoke, noise, people and frozen noses. I bundled them as much as I could, each with three pairs of tights and three undershirts underneath their costumes. Anja had a [most adorable!] cape and Greta had a wool blanket that she kept cozy in for most of the time. Each day we made a couple of trips back to the car for some warm-up time and for Greta to play in the trunk on her belly (I love the Malibu Maxx!) and that made such a difference. This was the first year I've ever paid for parking. I was against the idea of spending $10 to park for the Feast, no matter how close it was to the grounds. I have two legs and I can perfectly well walk the mile and a half to the grounds. But on Saturday A LOT of people were getting their cars towed out of the mud and I figure ten bucks is cheaper than a tow truck and so it made it worth the risk. Also, it was awfully convenient to have our car just across the street. For one thing, we didn't have to carry our babies AND all of our mountains of stuff in with us in one trip. Also, I guess in recent years we have parked at our camp site, which is also very close and convenient, but also muddy enough to make it not worth the risk. And no, we did not camp this year. Even CJ said it was too cold to camp!
This is CJ. She helps at the soap booth every year, she used to live here in the neighborhood but I think she's moved away, and she administered the silly homeowners class we had to take before we bought our house from NHS. She is very funny and nice and I always enjoy seeing her every year.

It was a good Feast, though not THE BEST EVER. Shopping was slightly disappointing.... my favorite pottery people seem to be phasing out my favorite of their glazes for something very different--also nice, but it just isn't me. Greta screamed during the entire mass on Sunday. We invited the Smiths and the Langenkamps to work the booth this year, and I barely even got to say hello to any of them! And we went home a couple hours early both days. However, I did get what I need for Martin's anniversary present. Our 3rd anniversary is this December and the traditional gift is "leather." I had good luck, but he didn't have so much luck in looking for a gift for me. Oh well. Maybe he'll give me a pony.

Last night when Martin got home from work I slipped out to make a run to Gap and see if I could use my giftcard that is now more than six months old. I've been waiting and waiting for a cute shift in their styles, and my sister-in-law had said they'd gotten their new stuff for Fall. Plus, I hadn't been in a long while to see for myself, so off I went. And as long as I was out shopping by myself--something that never happens--I thought, after MUCH conflict between the I-Want-It me and the Better Judgement me, that I just would spend my gift card, almost in it's entirety, on a sweater. It's a cute sweater, very cute in fact, and very versatile. And I paid full price for it. FULL PRICE. I never pay full price. Ever. I'm not sure yet if I have Buyers Remorse.... I still have to actually wear it. Then we'll see how deep is the damage.
We've been eating well lately. On Monday night we took all our squirrels from the freezer and baked them, chicken-style, in my big roasting pan with carrots and onions and potatoes. The next night we ate the leftovers, with mashed potatoes and cranberries. I asked Martin to make the cranberries while I put Greta to bed, and I told him exactly how to do it and he did exactly as he was told. Then when I was eating them, I realized I'd told him the wrong proportions. They were too sweet to eat, really, and it was kind of a bummer because I really love cranberries. But then when I came down later from putting Anja to bed, there he was, making fresh cranberries for me with the correct proportions! That was after dinner so I didn't eat any then, but I ate the entire pot for breakfast today. Tonight I made a big pot of chicken barley soup. It was okay... not great. I also made cornbread and apple dumplings for dessert. I don't know what I've been doing wrong with my pie crust lately. I used to make a killer pie crust, but now it just won't set. It's always mushy, no matter what. My dumplings were flat as pancakes and they tasted raw, even though they cooked until they were brown. I just don't get it.

Meanwhile, Anja has been learning more animal sounds and is practicing her colors. One day I got her to say (SAY!) "red" "green" "yellow" "blue" and "pink." The only ones she's retained are blue and green and sometimes pink. "Blue" sounds just like her other "ooo" words, such as juice, spoon, and moo/cow. "Green" sounds like all the "eee" words, such as cheese, keys, please, Petie, Greta, Baby Doll, Cook Baby, etc. (I know those last ones don't really say "eee" but she still uses that same sound to mean all of them.) One of her best animal sounds is the rooster. It's hilarious. What's not hiliarious is that she has this little rooster magnet and Martin invited the rooster along on the drive to put her to sleep last night. On their way out the door though, Anja dropped Rooster.... and we searched and searched, but it was dark and we never found him. She was making the rooster sound all the while we were looking, but then she happily settled for a couple of her dolls as ride companions instead. Then this morning when Martin got her up, he thought he heard the garbage truck, so he ran outside to the porch with her.... and she started making the Rooster noise!!!! So sad!!!! As soon as it was light enough I went out to find him, and there he was, right outside the door. I have no idea how we missed him... he wasn't even magnet-side-up, he was colorful-side-up! We are blind, blind, blind.

I've been letting my total coffee addiction get the best of me, and so for the last few days I've tried to limit myself to just my morning coffee... instead of gulping it down all day long. We'll see how long it lasts, and if it helps Greta sleep better.

I think I'll go make a picture post now. Did I mention that my girls wore matching skirts to the Feast? And that I felt like they were being stalked by the paparazzi all weekend? Stay tuned for more pictures (from me, not the paparazzi.)


Anonymous said...

First of all, you were being stalked by the papparazzi...I even got a phone call about it.
Secondly, if you are having sleep issues, why don't you call me? I will walk, rock, drive, whatever.
Life may be a littel rough around the edges right now, but you must have the best husband in the UNIVERSE (except for Daddy). I can't imagine another guy who would remake the cranberries so that they were just to your liking (except Daddy....I could tell you stories!!) You are in that TOUGH OLD TUNNEL right now......lots and lots of fun, but some REALLY hard to handle times, too. This too shall pass (I didn't say's in the Bible)
You do need to call me, though , PLEASE when you need a break....I'm pretty good, but I don't read minds (yet!)
Love, Mama

Sarah said...

We actually had a woman come up to us this year, camera in hand, and say "I've been LOOKING for you!! I didn't know if you would be here this year! I took so many pictures of you last year!!" It was very weird. Doesn't it creep you out when stangers take pictures of your kids? Yikes. Andrew actually refused to wear the indian costume this year, for fear of the papparazzi.

Stephanie B. said...

*i was at mass and never heard greta!
*i had a few years of a poor baking streak and realized it was a poor oven. wasn't calibrated right so when i set it for 350 it really cooked lower.
*baking stuff can expire and stop working, like soda, yeast, etc. i can't imagine blaming yourself for the baking issues!
*sarah, that is creepy.
*this too shall pass. my favorite parenting quote. along with "if you love your children, take care of their mother"
*i'm finished now. :)