Monday, October 19, 2009


I got a little book recommendation from my Motherin Magazine this month. Straight over to the library I went, to check out "The Passion of the Hausfrau: Motherhood Illuminated." I am telling all of you blog readers (because you are all ladyfolk with childrenfolk) you HAVE TO read this book. It's a riot! I know it's hard for some to admit that life with young children can be less than sparkly, but what better way to come to terms with the truth than through humor? This book is perfect.

Also, I wanted to say a couple more things about Anja that I forgot to put in my last post. One is that her birthday is coming up. She'll likely be getting a tricycle unless we save it for Christmas. Next year, when she turns three, we are going to hollow out a pumpkin and give her a kitten. We debated doing it this year, but agreed that she's probably too young. We are SO EXCITED about this idea though, that I don't know if we'll actually be able to wait!!!! We've been wanting to give her a kitten since she was born. Two years down, one more to go.... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Also, she has become such a help to me, no joke. Yesterday evening I was clearing out the dish drainer so I could wash dishes, and there was one thing that went to the dining room. It was her green egg tray on which she prefers to eat her meals and snacks (especially when those meals and snacks include cheese.) I asked her to put it away for me, and off she went, and delivered it directly to the washstand in the dining room, where it lives. Amazing! And she was so pleased with herself! Later she helped me pick up the living room. She put her dolls to bed in their cradle and put her dolly stroller in the corner where we keep it. So cute!

Another funny thing about her is that she almost never does anything without thinking it over first. Friday night I was putting Greta to sleep in the living room and Martin was hanging out with Anja in the kitchen. He would send her into the living room to get a book for them to read and she'd come running in, then she'd stand in front of the bookshelf for a few long minutes, looking at everything, before carefully choosing the book she wanted. It was so cute! Once she pulled out a book and another book came with it. She was so careful to unstick it from the book she wanted and replace it to its spot on the shelf. She is amazing!

Oh man, it's 7:00. I have to take a shower. READ THE PASSION OF THE HAUSFRAU!!! But if you live in my town, don't plan to get it at the library.... I'm a slow reader.


Anonymous said...

Annie: Anja did the same thing on Saturday when she was here. She would go to the books and carefully look at several before picking out the one she wanted me to read to her. So cute!

John said...

That's super cute.
I like the kitten idea too... though I think Theodore will die of jealousy, since you said they're like best friends. (Thanks for letting me meet him last week--he was so funny!)
BTW, I dropped off the clothes on your porch this morning. I didn't see any signs of life and didn't want to interrupt anything, so I just dropped them and left. The ones in the bag with handles weren't worn. Thanks so much again!!!
(This is Elisabeth)

LauraSuz said...

Tell me when you return it!

Anne said...

Okay Annie, I just requested it from the library!