Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh My Oh My Oh What a Weekend!

Siiiiiiiiigh. It's been a long, mostly-fun weekend. Well, okay, Saturday was long and mostly-fun, today was slow and relaxing and everyone was happy all day long and it was great.

On Saturday morning we dropped the girls off at my parents' house and Martin took me up to the Klein Brot Haus in Brookston for breakfast. It was great to see our friend Steve, and he invited us to a bonfire at his house that night... sadly, we couldn't go because I was playing in Delphi later. Boo! They have two boys, we have two girls, and their youngest is a little younger than Greta. This is the second time we've been invited to their fall bonfire and haven't been able to go. Bummer! Anyway, it was fun to have a date. Unfortunately, when we got back to the girls, we learned that Greta had been majorly upset the entire time we were gone. A little nursing and snuggle time cheered her right up though. We went home for naps, during which I made an Apple Skillet Cake (another recipe I should post on the Cooking Blog and probably never will!). The girls both took terrific naps--so terrific, in fact, that we had to wake them up as two o'clock came and went and we were supposed to be in attendance at my sister-in-law's Halloween party at 2:30. We just kind of slipped them into the car and left. The party was lots of fun, especially for Anja. Her Chicago cousins were there, as well as her Antonio cousins. We ate a lot of junk food, as is the case at every family party. From there we went to Delphi where I thought I was playing at 6:30, but it might've been 6:00, so we planned to get there right at 6:00. As we were coming into town, I recieved a text from Kim saying we weren't playing until 7:00! We met up with Kim, George and George's wonderful wife, Gina, at the Stone House Restaurant. This is where the night became un-fun. We dropped my guitar and banjo off at the library (where we were playing) before going to the restaurant. Through the window, Anja saw a baby doll in the Children's section of the library, which was locked. She wanted that baby. BADLY. We couldn't cheer her up and her upsetedness (I made that word up) got worse and worse as the night progressed, so that we ordered some pie but didn't get to eat it and just before we started playing, Martin left the library with a loudly screaming Anja and a not-so-happy Greta. The night ended more smoothly. He calmed Anja down, when Greta got hungry they came back to the library and Anja was pretty happy for the rest of the set. Still. Not the best playing experience ever.

Today we accidentally slept through both alarms and didn't wake up until 8:30 which put us going to the 10:00 mass and we were even late for that. We sat by my favorite little family. The girl I recognize as a barista from Murky Waters back in the day. She and her husband have a little boy who was 5 months old on Ash Wednesday, which was the first time we met them, when I was sitting on Andy Korty's lunch cooler, ginormously pregnant, surrounded by people, with a VERY CRANKY ANJA. Their little baby was a good distraction for Anja that night. Anyway, now we often sit by them during Mass at St. Ann's, and I really like them. Okay, I want to BE them. Well, I want to be HER. She is tall and skinny and has a face that looks like she should be in classic movies. She is so pretty. And their baby boy is very cute too! Maybe he will go to Catholic Schools and he will ask Greta to the junior/senior prom.

And speaking of Greta...... the personality differences between Greta and Anja are amazing and so hilarious. Anja is so....... weird. She is spunky and funky and lives in her own little world. Greta, on the other hand, is a bowl of sugar. We imagine that Anja will be this wild, martini drinking artist while Greta will abstain from alcohol, and maybe will be librarian, but will not judge people who tend to drink a little bit, or who talk loudly, or are slightly anti-social like her sister is. Greta is not a judger.

Oh, I forgot to talk about Friday night. Friday was my niece Gracie's SIXTH BIRTHDAY PARTY. It was a tea party and it was beautiful. Pictures to come someday. I can't believe she is six!! Anyway, Anja liked it for awhile, but not long into the party I found her by herself in the den, reading touch-and-feel books about animals. I read with her for awhile, then the cutest little girl named Joy came in, and they did puzzles together.

This afternoon we went to the grocery store, we walked to K.Dee's to say hi to Jerry and Kim, and we did a lot of winterization tasks around the house. Well, Martin took care of those. I baked a chicken dinner for us. And then right before dinner, we cut our pumpkin from the vine! And now it is looking decorative on our porch. We might carve it..... but we might not.

That's it. Happy Weekend!

Oh yeah, and Friday was a good day with lots of visitors..... and MG learned to crawl! At my house!


Anonymous said...

Annie, we had a fun time with the girls. That is absolutely the only time I have ever seen Greta so upset. I think she is just going through a little stage where she wants her Mama all the time. I agree, she is just going to go through life being happy...what a wonderful girl! And Anja (equally wonderful) will add the spice to your life!!
Love, Mama

LauraSuz said...

Well you have the most enticing toy, a green block. Every lady must have a green block.