Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lady Burpsalot

So, I used to not be able to burp. Really, it was a rare occasion when the bubblies in my tummy made it all the way to my mouth and became audible. I know I am not unusual.... my sister's college roommate, for one, had the same problem! One the one hand, it's kind of nice because you never have to be embarrassed for burping in public. On the other hand, it's really annoying because you tend to get these bubbles of air moving up and down your inner workings for long periods of time, whereas with normal people, the bubbles of air just float to the top and become burps. Anyway.... I've suddenly begun burping! And I can't stop!! It's the strangest thing. I don't know what's changed, but I'm just a burp a minute these days, and the worst part about it being a new phenomenon is that I haven't had all the years of practice at holding in my burples like other people my age have!!! So now I'm this otherwise normal-looking adult who can't carry on a conversation without belching in your face. It's gross!

Anja is really into puzzles these days. We got a bunch from my sister when she cleaned out her playroom awhile back, and Anja has just kind of re-discovered them. She's actually really good at them! I was surprised.... and a little embarrassed. I'm thrilled that she's into them because I LOVE PUZZLES. However, I am very, very bad at doing them. In fact, she has this one that is a bunch of cars, and 9 out of 10 times, she figures out where the piece goes before I do. I think it's kind of hard! But anyway... I love it that she's doing them because they are fun, and she gets really excited. It's become our bedtime routine, sort of, to do a few puzzles before [Martin drives her to] sleep.

I have had a hard time this year getting into the season, but I'm finally feeling excited about Fall. It was really hard for me to let go of summer this year, as I've mentioned before. I think it's because I used to adore winter, before I had children. I now see Winter as a huge pain in the neck, bundling little into warm clothes anytime you want to leave the house, shoes, socks, etc., not being as able to walk to church, limited time playing outside, no more walks around downtown, and everything taking five times the amount of time it takes in the summer, when you can just grab your car keys and go, with or without your shoes. Winter used to be an adventure. Now it's got baggage. One of the best things about winter when I was in school would be walking over in the snow, being slightly damp and cold, then stopping at Vienna for a chai on my way to class. Then the classroom would be so warm and cozy seeming. I loved it. And Martin and I took many a midnight walk through snowstorms in our childless days.... one night it was SO COLD, way below freezing, and super windy, and we ran from my apartment down to Hunters Down Under where the Woodstove Flapjacks were playing, and we met up with our friend Matt Spencer and Kim, and it was a really fun night. Then we ran all the way back to my apartment, and I will never forget how cold it was! Really, really cold!!!!!!!

However, what's made me so excited for Fall at last is.... ANJA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe she's turning 2!!!! Unbelievable. It's going to be wonderful, we're going to get her some cute presents and she's going to love unwrapping them and we're going to have a little party the day before and she's going to love that too. I can't wait!!! I love the idea of birthday parties for the girls. And I love it that Anja's birthday is in the fall (my favorite season, even with my newfound bitterness toward winter) and that Greta's is in the early spring, right when the Daffodils are perfect. (And other than Greta's birthday, I hate spring.)

And speaking of Anja and Greta, they are both asleep now and earlier this evening Anja helped me to make some chocolate-chocolate chip cookies, which now Martin and I are going to enjoy with a couple of glasses of milk before bed. Yum! Also, Anja is so incredibly cute. So is Greta, who crawls all through the house at lightning speed.... Anja's favorite place to sit is between the fridge and the blue shelves, on this stepstool that I got for a friend's wedding, which I didn't go to, and never gave her the gift.... she now has three or four children....... anyway, she sits on the stool and sings songs her herself (and tonight she ate a cookie there too) and it's adorable and I love it. She was really into singing tonight! So cute! Another cute/weird thing is that she is completely obsessed with my religious statues, and she demands that I get them off the shelves for her. At first I was a little nervous because they all mean something to me and I don't want them to get broken.... but she is so gentle with them, and all she wants to do is point out the color of their garments, then put them to bed in a pile of blankets at the top of the stairs.

Cookie time!


Anonymous said...

First of all, I think you have a religious vocation in the making....just make sure it is not cloistered....I'm not that tough...I couldn't stand it. She has to enter an order where she can come home and bake cookies any time she wants.
Your girls are so wonderful.
Love, Mama

Joannie said...
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Joannie said...

That whole paragraph about winter really made me realize my friend Annie is a mother. it was weird.

I miss you guys! I got Anja's picture in the mail and it completely made my day.

"She has to enter an order where she can come home and bake cookies any time she wants." hahaha, good luck with that, Mrs.H.

lkirch23 said...

I am SO jealous of you!! I still have this problem and will probably have it forever. I now have this thing where some of the burp comes out and I let out a croak. Talk about embarrassing!