Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Fridays

Aaaaah, there's nothing like a Friday night downtown! Tonight after dinner, Martin put Anja to bed. (He's been doing that lately, and now she sometimes asks for him to do it! Very sweet!) When he came down, he demanded that I put on his brown cashmere sweater (a garment leftover from his single days, when he didn't think he'd ever get me and therefore thought he'd be a bachelor for life and would never have children and so would be actually be able to logically wear cashmere) then when that was on he actually dressed me in my raincoat as I stood at the door wondering what was up. Then he stuffed a few dollars bills and some change from the change jar into my hand and gave me my phone and told me that he had gotten coffee today (during his lunch break with our friend Matt) and now it was my turn, so goodbye! and he literally shooed me out the door and closed the door behind me before I could even argue with him. So off I went! By myself! On foot! It was a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Fall evening and everybody was out. I love downtown in the evenings. The whole area smells like dinner, everybody is dressed up and holding hands and smiling and eating and drinking and being merry. It's so exciting, fancy, romantic and fun! And I made a vow to myself that I will stay skinny through retirement and I will dress cutely. And I'll be rich. Martin and I will go out to eat at fancy restaurants every Friday and Saturday night. We will wear good, expensive clothes and not have to worry about them getting ruined because we won't anymore be wearing every course of our meal. We will jaywalk! And stand right on the curb, (as opposed to standing six feet away from the curb, with a ginormous stroller stretched out in front of us as we do now) holding hands. It's going to be great.


Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

You guys are so cute!!

LauraSuz said...

That sounds like THE perfect plan.