Thursday, October 1, 2009

October! October! Best Month of the Year!

This is how happy our Greta Bird is to be welcoming October.

Last night after dinner, we were just kind of hanging around, and Anja brought Martin my colorful baby wrap. I knew she wanted to wear her baby (and Martin knew it too) but he said, "my, this is an awfully big blanket!" and he started rolling her baby doll up in the wrap. Oh my gosh, she got SO MAD AT HIM. It was absolutely hilarious. When we'd caught our breath back after laughing so hard, we wrapped the baby onto her and we all went outside for a walk, which didn't get very far, since there were so many squirrels playing in the trees, and eventually we decided to go to the library. I checked out "The Passion of the Hausfrau" because it was noted in the current issue of Mothering Magazine. Martin got some books on processing your own deer.

This cold weather makes me really crave wireless internet. I am picturing myself in coat, hat and gloves while making blog posts this winter and it's not such a pleasant imagining. Of course, once we win the lottery, we're going to totally re-do the back room, including adding about nine furnaces to it, so then I'll just kind of live back here and make blog posts all the time.

Yesterday Greta had her 6-month checkup in the morning. She weighed in just shy of 18 pounds. From there we went over to the Smith's house to visit our friend Mary Grace, and her mommy. They fed us coffee and biscotti, Greta slept half the time and Anja was in desperate need of a nap and was SUPER cranky, but it was a fun time anyway!

Here's a business opportunity for anyone who wants me hanging around as their best customer: I saw a sign in the window of Burton Pools (Main and 8th... or 7th, I can't remember) that they have moved, or are moving. This is the place that used to be that giant antique store. I think it would be the perfect location for a natural food store, a Nature's Pharm or Sunspot kind of place. Not only would it be a great location for the owner, but also for ME! Which is, obviously, the most important part.

Don't miss out on this fall's hottest accessory:

Squirrel Purse! Found in a forest near you!

Also on the to-do list today is making fall cookies!! Yahoo! Oh how I do love cookies shaped like leaves and acorns. It makes them all the more delectable.

Happy Day!


Anonymous said...

That pic of you and Anja is TOO CUTE!!

That deck looks awfully familiar. Don't tell me Martin is wearing his dead squirrel purse on MY DECK !!! Gross!
Love, Mama

LauraSuz said...

Greta and Monica are heck and heck for the happiest baby award. She's SO sweet...and pretty!

Come over again soon!

Emily said...

Your girls are such cuties! Hope all is well with the Schaps! Happy Fall!

John said...

I like fall too! And by the way, I'm still waiting for a cookie visit! ;) jk And I totally agree about the downtown store--it would be really nice to have one of those so close! We are getting a fish market though, apparently...?!

PS--your squirrel pictures make me so sad!!! I absolutely love squirrels (live ones, that is)...

(this is Elisabeth, not John)

Sarah said...

Elisabeth, The Fish Market is up near your old apartment . . . near the Yellow Bowl, I think. It started out on third street, but then it moved. I am pretty sure I saw it on upper main. Their fish is fabulous!! And the owner is amazingly well versed and informative.

Stephanie B. said...

there's some kind of co op natural foods type of store in the works. sarah and i read about it on the CHOICES e-list. maybe she remembers more. i was thinking maybe it was to open next year, i forget the location.

Stephanie B. said...

please spare me embarassment and delete 4/5 of my comments!
3 out of 4 of my comments never work and this time they acted that way and all of them were working! annoying.