Friday, February 26, 2010


I finally have figured out Picasa and the relationship between it and the place where my pictures are stored. So now I know how to post pictures onto the blog and know that they will be right-side-up. So here are a few new ones. Anja caught on film. Try to get a picture of the girls together in their cute matching PJs and abuse inevitably follows.

Many of the most wonderful blogs I read often feature winter home scenes including pictures of their sleek, slim kitties curled up snugly in some comfy spot. So here is my own image of feline perfection. I love him. Did I mention on here that he's gained some weight? I LOVE HIM.

Mashed potato face!!!!! She was shoving potatoes into her mouth so fast that she was absolutely COVERED in them.... in fact, she got them stuffed up into her nostrils and I had to pinch them out. Gross!!!

This is Anja taking care of her dog. Every day when Greta wakes up from her afternoon nap, Anja INSISTS that I nurse her, while she cares for one of her many dolls. Lately she's been kind of obsessed with this little dog that my mom gave Greta for valentines day. Also, she hasn't taken off that hat for days.

The cuffs on Greta's overalls. Obviously they're still a little big on her, but that's okay, it just means we'll get more wear out of them!


We took the girls on a "favorite date" and were really excited since now Anja is old enough that she really enjoys looking at magazines. (Martin requested catalogues from NovaNatural and from Magic Cabin in Anja's name, and one of them came the other day--she LOVES to look through it!) Here she is, after finishing her dog magazine, eagerly awaiting Daddy's return with a horse magazine.

The only shot I got of one of her really bad outfits. I guess it doesn't look THAT bad in this picture because the colors don't really show up as vibrant as they are in real life.... the little summer jumpsuit thing came from our Goodwill bag, I think.... purple socks with her pink sandals.... yeah. Really stylin'.

Still wearing the purple socks.... (This might even be the next night... she went through a short phase with her purple socks too) this was her chosen outfit to wear to bed the other night. That was the night (the first night ever!) she wet the bed and the next day she was kind of sad that she couldn't wear that outfit again because it was in the wash. It came out of the dryer last night and so this morning it was, of course, what she chose to wear!

So, in a moment of parental insanity, Martin and I agreed to purchase a wooden kitchen for Anja and Greta from Nova Natural. We are SO EXCITED about it. We've been wanting to make one for them for a long time, but then we finally admitted what we've known all along: that anything we make will be not NEARLY as cool, and also, we'll probably never actually do it. So we are thrilled that we were able to do this for them and CAN'T WAIT to give it to them (for Greta's birthday.) The one problem is making room. Our kitchen is really.... full. Some might even go so far to say it is "cluttered." I know I need to get rid of some of our furniture, but I love it all so much. I think every piece is so beautiful. Well, except for the huge blue cabinet-shelf-things... but those hold all the dumb and useless china we got for our wedding. So. We're trying to figure out what to do to make room for the new bit of childrens furniture that soon will be moving in. I suggested getting rid of our kitchen table. We can eat on the floor, right? Anyway. We'll figure it out.

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