Saturday, February 20, 2010

Days of Yore

I'm playing tomorrow afternoon at the Wells Center, so I thought I'd see if my callouses were still able to do their job. Sadly, I couldn't remember very many of the words to any of my old songs. One in particular, "Song in an Orange Colored Pencil" is very sad to lose, but then I had a vague memory of having put it on LiveJournal. So I looked it up (luckily, I remembered the events that prompted its creation, so I knew where to look) and there it was! All the lyrics! Yahoo!!

Oh my goodness! And looking more carefully, I see that this song was written (and published on my LJ) FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY!! What a remarkable coincidence! Really! What are the chances?!?

The depressing part about looking back on my five-years-ago life is that it was really fun. I'm not saying that my life now isn't fun... For every walk down Main Street in my past life, I have an equally wonderful toddler painting session in this life. But my old life was.... different. It was carefree. In fact, it was ridiculously carefree. All I did was hang out with my friends (and evidently I had a lot) walk around downtown, work at the most amazing little Main Street shop on the planet, play music, and drink Amaretto Sours. I had all the fun of toddlers without any of the responsibility, since I lived with my sister and her kidders. I played music ALL THE TIME and was making decent money from it. I worked at a freaking Ten Thousand Villages store and got paid for it (normally it's volunteer at those places) while all my friends came and visited me all day long. It was a good life! And like I said, I have an equally good life now, it's just completely different. For example, I spend a lot more time picking bits of mushy carrot up off the floor these days than I ever did back then. (Although back then I was cleaning up duck poop.)

Anyway.... I think Martin might be thinking of the good old days too, but he must be thinking back to high school because he suggested we have frozen fish sticks and tater tots for dinner tonight. So now, for the first time IN MY LIFE, I have those foods in my freezer. It makes me a little uncomfortable. But I have to admit, it did take me back to the CC cafeteria...

Tomorrow's Sunday! Only six weeks till Easter! Oh wow. That's a really long time.

Martin just told me (lovingly, I'm sure) that in a hundred years or so I'm going be one of those grumpy saints they always talk about. I guess he heard me grumbling about Lent.

P.S. The girls have this new before-bed game where they put on their outside hats and crawl around the house laughing. It's so weird. Especially since Anja doesn't just wear her hat, but also one of Martin's shirts and her hot pink shoes. She is so funny. But she does the strangest things that are just hilarious, but that can't really be explained. Like this thing (my mom will know what I'm talking about) where she closes her eyes and moves her head around all weirdly.... I am seriously laughing out loud as I type this, just thinking of it... which sounds so retarded to say, and totally un-funny--but it's SO HYSTERICAL. It makes me laugh so hard I cry EVERY TIME. And she does it a lot!

Okay, I'm having one of those obnoxious Rambling About My Kids moments, and it's time to stop. Ooo! Ooo! Martin's putting out ant poison in the bathroom and they're coming in from all directions! I have to go see!!

And I was saying my old life was exciting. Ha!


Anonymous said...

That way she closes her eyes and plays Helen Keller IS HILARIOUS!! I'm laughing, too, just thinking about it.

Jill said...

Reading old livejournal entries is fun. Like this little gem from your old livejournal:

'Conversation from this morning:

Annie: "Baxter is being really sucky today."
Martin: "Maybe his butt hurts. He pooped out a paper towel this morning."

The only reason I laughed so hard was because that dog is so awful. This was only hours after Martin left for work, telling me on his way out, "Baxter's in his cage; he ate your flip flops." Aarrrggh!!!'