Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Decaf.... Coffee?

So tonight we went to Target. I've come down with a common disease called "Cabin Fever" and I've heard it can be fatal, especially in February, the last full month of Winter. In other words, I am making up desperate excuses daily in order to get out of the house. Tonight was Target. To look at the Schleich animals. (My mom tells the story of how she never would buy my brother candy when he was a toddler, but she let him SMELL the candy. Is it just as bad to take Anja to the toy aisle to LOOK at the toys, knowing full well that we won't be buying any?) So... Greta fell asleep in the car but woke up just as we were headed out of the store. In hopes that she would fall back asleep in the car if I nursed her right away, we popped into Starbucks there for a couple of coffees. I've stopped drinking regular coffee after noon--in hopes that it will help Greta to sleep longer stretches at night. So while Martin got the girls corralled, I went up to order. I politely ordered "a tall coffee and a tall decaf." The response I got was a moment or so of blank stare followed by, "decaf..... coffee?" Me: "Yeah, a tall coffee and also a tall decaf." The [young] barista kind of crinkled her nose at me and said "We don't brew decaf in the afternoon." Pause. "I can give you a decaf Americano for the same price...?" You what?! You don't brew decaf in the afternoon? Well maybe it's different in high school, honey, but here in Grownupland, the afternoon and evening are the only time people DO drink decaf.

Not that I really care. I can't tell the difference between coffee and an Americano anyway, it is definitely not a big deal. It's just that she acted like I was such a freak for ordering decaf AT NIGHT. I thought it was really weird.

Also really weird is Anja, who decided that instead of riding on the regular seats of what we call the "silly cart", she would ride underneath the seats. She is like a little animal sometimes. A cute little animal, in a pretty winter hat that she never wants to take off.

I did sew the cuffs onto the overalls for the girls today. They turned out really well!
Nothing fancy, but it hopefully (I haven't exactly had them modeled yet) fixes them so that they fit both girls and they will be good for working and playing in the garden this spring and summer. Plus, you can't tell, but the fabric is really pretty. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to convince Anja to wear them and will get a picture of the girls actually IN them. In the mean time, I've been working on this to match:

Once a plain white long-sleeved tshirt, it will be a shirt that is slightly less boring. While this might look like I ruined a perfectly good shirt just for the sake of keeping my hands busy, the shirt was actually comletely stained underneath those fabrics and was only suitable to be worn as an undershirt because it was so gross looking.

And now, here is what everyone looks like this very night.... Anja from before our trip to Target, riding on her horse (the upside down laundry basket... I'm proud of her for coming up with the entire thing completely on her own) and Martin and Greta from right this very minute. Okay, well within the past ten minutes anyway.

It might be true that Anja was throwing a fit just before this picture was taken, which is why her face looks so cry-y. But she's happy to be on her horse!


Anonymous said...

Cabin Fever is no excuse....I invited you over and we could have played Euchre. I know we are boring....but we are better than nothing!
Also, deliberately going down the toy aisle and not buying anything is almost, but not quite, as bad as letting your child only SMELL the candy. You will regret it to your dying day. Believe me, I know. Just reading about how I did that makes me get a knot in my stomach. Why was I such a prissy pants???? AGGGGGGGHHHHH!
Love, Mama

Anonymous said...

PS VERY VERY cute shirts!!!

Also, having to type in the word verification is very annoying.

Annie said...

Excuse me? You didn't invite us over... you offered to BRING us dinner. And I know the word verification is annoying, but it's not as annoying as getting all those spam comments.

Joannie said...

I can't stop commenting about how cute the girls are. SOO CUTE!

Did they get their Valentine??