Wednesday, February 24, 2010

They Died Within Weeks of Each Other

Like most people, Martin and I each had our favorite coffee mug. His was his Blackwater mug, now unavailable since Blackwater changed their name. Mine was this blueish purple one from Pier One that my good friends Perkins and Emily gave me for our highschool graduation (it was a plate, bowl, mug set.) Well just over a week ago, Greta pulled Blackwater off the table and it broke. Very sad. Then this morning I moved to put my coffee on the counter and somehow missed the counter entirely and dropped the mug on the floor. And my mug broke. I called Martin to tell him the sad news, and he said, "Isn't it nice though? Like so many old couples, they couldn't live without each other. They died within weeks of each other."

I guess it is kind of nice.

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Anonymous said...

Our deepest sympathy for the deaths in your family. It is always sad to lose an old friend, no matter how "cracked" they are.
Love, Mama and Daddy