Sunday, February 7, 2010

Repurpose, Reupdate

I did a little more work on the sidebar here, added a few more fun links, deleted and modified some links on the blog list, and Martin changed my privacy settings so that should take care of all those ridiculous spam comments.

I am all about repurposing these days. Old clothes from the Goodwill box become clothes for Anja's baby dolls. Scraps of fabric become ruffles on out-grown pajamas whose feet have been cut off. An ugly dress in a pretty floral print becomes a shirt and denim overall cuffs! I LOVE REPURPOSING. I have always been a sucker for fabric, and now I am doing so much more than quilting. I love it. Love, love, love. And I have so many plans in place for matching dresses for the girls this summer..... I am giddy. !!!!

This has been a most lovely weekend, which is a huge deal, since last weekend was a giant letdown. Last weekend was the first weekend in many that we had two full days together as a little family that were completely free of all obligation. Unfortunately, both the girls were HUGE GRUMPS. ALL WEEKEND. Uuuughhhh.. It was pretty miserable. Lots of "terrible two" incidents, teething-ish Greta (though I'm sure she's not teething... she's got four teeth, I don't think she's due to get any more for awhile, right?) Anyway, this weekend has been nothing but delightful. And this morning, we went to the 9:30 mass hoping for coffee and donuts in the gym afterward, but there were none, so Martin suggested we go to the Trails and spend our free meal giftcard we got in the fall. Yay! And on the way there, I was talking about something and Martin said, "Please don't take this as being mean, but could you stop talking for awhile so I can think about my strategy?" This guy plans out the way he'll eat his meal at the Trails. What a nut. And I told him I wouldn't take offense as long as I could blog about it and it was a deal.

We had such a nice time! Greta slept most of the time, then woke up to eat some carrots. Anja was absolutely perfect and I think she had a lot of fun. We sat at a table back in the corner and it was really peaceful and happy and nice.

And at church we sat behind my sister and her hubbywubby and our goddaughter, Rah-Rah who doesn't hate me anymore! Just like her big sister, I knew she'd grow out of it and eventually love her Nana. Yay!

I am glad that the kids all like to play with my Woodland Folk dolls because nobody wants to buy them from Etsy, so at least I have some kind of reassurance that they are nice toys. In fact, nobody on Etsy wants to buy any of my stuff! That's okay though... Martin says to give it time and he reminds me that we are in The Great Recession.

I have given up caffeine after twelve o'clock, and for three nights in a row Greta slept awesomely. Then last night she did that really annoying thing where she wakes up in the wee hours and won't go back to sleep for hours. Uuugh. I'm still going to stick with my no-coffee-after-noon limit though. Just in case.

Anja is so amazingly hilarious. Her drawing is really good! She makes circles! And she draws cats as circles with looooong lines for tails. And she draws hair on people! A person is a circle with scribbles on top (hair) except for Daddy, who is a circle and scribbles all over (beard.) She will sit at the table and draw and draw for as long as we let her. Except right now she's shut herself in her bedroom and is playing with her dolls. She is the funniest little girl. I have more to say about her and her quirkiness but it'll have to wait for a warmer day. But I'm really glad we have Greta because otherwise I don't think I ever would've realized how special Anja is. Obviously I'm glad to have Greta for many other reasons too.... like TAX RETURNS! Thanks, G! We knew we loved you, we just didn't know why.

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Ann in LA said...

You are totally inspiring me with your sewing frenzy! I think I'll do some sewing tonight.