Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And Then My Kid Threw Up on the Electronic Polling Station

...okay, that didn't really happen. But it ALMOST did.

Anja woke up 2 hours earlier than usual this morning and was a little off all morning. In fact, when we took a walk at 10:00 she fell asleep in her stroller right away. She slept until noon, and still wasn't all that peppy when she woke up. Didn't eat much.... you know how it is. So then we went to pick Martin up so we could go and vote, and she was acting like she really didn't feel well. We went inside the voting place (we went to the Fairgrounds) and Anja freaked out a little bit, tried to leave, then when Martin picked her up she started doing this "eh... eh... ehh..." thing she does that typically means she's about to puke. Greeeeaaat. We were both expecting it. We were practically humiliated in advance. Luckily, we cast our ballots and got out of there just in time. When we got back to Ivy Tech to drop Martin off, he opened the door to give her a kiss goodbye and --BLUUUUGHHH-- I saw she had eaten more of her lunch than I'd thought! Martin came back home with us to help get pukey Anja and sleeping Greta inside, helped me clean up the car and carseat, then headed back to work once Anja was happy in the bathtub. And now she's fine. I will not be surprised if she has another little vomit episode yet tonight, but at this point she's more chipper than she's been all day (and it's been about three hours since all this happened!) In fact, right now, she is on the couch with her daddy, eating cucumber and reading Beatrix Potter.

But seriously... while we were in the voting place, I was already thinking out my apologies, my plan of action, my blog post... I was convinced she was going to barf of those electronic voting machines and cause a huge ruckus. But, we were lucky.

Across the street they've been paving the library parking lot. Very exciting to watch, and now the neighborhood smells like summer!

And there is officially nothing (and I mean NOTHING) cuter than Greta with a baby doll. She is even more loving than Anja, if you can imagine that.


Beth F said...

Food expands in a child's belly. It is a scientific fact, I am sure. My kids manage to puke up way more than they ate/drank.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope she doesn't have that flu that Sarah had. It takes forever to go away! Give her mucho kisses for me!
Love, Mama