Saturday, May 1, 2010

No Coffee, No Turkeys, But Plenty of Frizz

Oh, Saturday. I spend hours upon hours of my daily life envying Theodore. Look at him. He just lays around all day, sleeps whenever he wants, and demands to be fed whenever he is hungry. If he doesn't want to be messed with, he goes away. If he feels like playing, he joins the crowd. And he has absolutely no responsibilities. He has the ultimate life, in my opinion.

I forgot it was Saturday and forgot it was May Day and forgot it was the first day of Farmers Market. I did go yard sailing again with my mother-in-law, but did not come home with any outstanding finds... just a pair of camo pants for Martin and a few books for the girls. Still fun though. We did this while Martin and John were out turkey hunting. They came home having seen two toads and a turtle. Whoops. Maybe next weekend.

Today is Sunday and I'm pretty sure it's the May Crowning at St. Boniface, so I hope I don't forget that too. I was going to make the girls dresses for the occasion (Martin claims you have to wear blue to May Crownings) but they didn't get made. They didn't even get started. So... maybe next year.

These crazy flowers grow in our yard. We have cut many of them and paired them with our Hairy Vawz, which is one of our favorite wedding presents. They really go well together, and these suckers last FOREVER in a vase. Way better than lilacs.

Man, this rain is not doing anything for my self-esteem. My hair is so frizzy that last night I finally just put on one of Martin's hats. I only went with the hat because he said that wearing a paper bag over my head probably wasn't the greatest idea. And my skin? Ugh, my face is COVERED in zits. Not little zits either... the huge, volcanic type. I short, I am disgusting.

The other big news of the weekend is that we lost an old friend:
It finally kicked the bucket on Saturday morning. We got up really early (for Martin to go hunting and he woke me so I could get a shower) and tried to make coffee but nothing happened. We settled with hot tea, which we drank out on the patio in the rain, and that was very cozy, especially since it was 4:00 in the morning. *sigh* Mr. Coffee did have a hard life, running almost constantly for three years straight. And both of us were more upset than was really neccessary, but you have to understand that we are both stupidly sentimental and this was our first coffee pot together!! It was one of our favorite wedding gifts! (Right up there with Hairy Vawz!) And it's hard to replace something with so much meaning and history (many a night did old Mr. Coffee brew us up a pot to make staying up with a screaming baby more festive.) So, with heavy hearts, last night at Target we added this guy to our cart:
I think it's the same model, just newer. And it's red! That's kinda fancy. Another fancy thing is that it was on sale. So I guess we should prepare ourselves before making lasting memories with this one, since we can count on only about three years together. And maybe NEXT time we'll go with the industrial size.


LauraSuz said...

Welcome to the family Mr. Coffee!

AnnLaura said...

The flowers are allium - one of my very most favorite ever! It's an onion. Tons of people in Toronto grew them. I love them!