Monday, May 24, 2010


We spent most of the day in the yard today. We found this friendly neighborhood snail: Much less cool was the ginormous beetle swimming in my iced coffee that I discovered as I was drinking it.
Anja with her snail friend. Sadly, we lost him in the grass. Well, it was sad for Anja... a great victory for the snail. Yesterday she brought two of her worm friends inside and one of them got lost and the other one she handed to me just to hold onto while she did something else, and it was completely squashed and dead because she'd been carrying it around in her fist for an hour or so. It was so gross. She carried this poor snail all over the place too... she dragged out all these shovels and stuff and had such a hard time because she wouldn't put her snail down even for a minute. Then, of course, when she finally did, we lost him.

In the afternoon a funny thing happened. Anja found the spray nozzle for the hose so I thought I'd attach it and let the girls water the garden. So I attached it to the hose, tossed the hose in the grass, then went to turn it on. When I came back, there was a huge upward stream of water just like a sprinkler. I'd forgotten that I dropped the nozzle on the cement last year and it got a big crack down the side--the water was spraying out the crack and it was amazing! SO FUN!! The girls jumped in right away.

We were sooooo wet and muddy when we got back into the house... I tossed the girls in the bathtub and had to change my own clothes. I'm so glad it's summer!!!
P.S. Please excuse the tall weeds in the snow on the mountain back by the house... I was letting them grow for awhile to use them to dye some fabric because I'm pretty sure it's Queen Anne's Lace.... but now it's all overgrown back there and I can't reach them without wading into the Snow on the Mountain and I have SEEN the spiders who live in there and there is no way I'm walking through that stuff without stilts. *shudder*

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Clare said...

I wonder how fast that snail traveled to get away from Anja! lol! He must have gone into hyperdrive! My girls torment the gypsy moth caterpillers which I am okay with because they eat our trees!