Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Day!

I had a lovely day beginning with this: With a [non-pictured because I forgot my camera] date by myself to K.Dee's where I had a mocha on the house, with a flower drawn in the foam.

And this kind of dinner: (venison burgers, oven fries and beer)
With the day wrapping up with this ginormous ice cream sundae over at the neighbors' house:
Actually, the morning wasn't all that fabulous. The girls woke up ridiculously early, so Martin's plan of getting up early and waking me shortly after with the surprise of coffee in my chalkboard mug (how cute is that?) and a new magazine to read before the girls woke up didn't quite work out. But it was still a wonderful treat! (And the flowers are not from him--Grandmamma brought them over for the girls when Anja was sick.)
Another part of the day that was less than fabulous was Greta. She has never had a day that she's been more completely and utterly psychotic. We didn't even make it to the Gloria at Mass before we were in the back, and the back was no better than the pew. She would thrash around until I put her down, but she didn't really want to be down, so she would throw herself down on the floor screaming. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. Eventually I took her outside where she was happy to walk all the way around the church and back to the breezeway, and that was a good place to stay because at least I could HEAR the mass, even if I couldn't see it. She was happily entertained for a long time by the stairs going to the rectory. And later in the afternoon she did take a nice long nap and woke up happy, but in general today, she was absolutely nuts.
But the day was a happy one. Martino, of course, made a big fuss in treating me like royalty and while our families all ditched us for the holiday (his side was out of town, my side was sick) we did get to go to an ice cream social next door for the neighbor who is engaged. It was SUCH a cute party with adorable details. And the girls were wearing very cute matching dresses. Anja wore a wool sweater that I got at a yardsale on Saturday (yes, I have gone yard sailing three weekends in a row) which is an adult sweater from American Eagle, but had obviously been shrunk in the wash. I cut the sleeves a little bit and sewed on some ribbon to the edge that I had in my box that just happened to match the ribbon on the inside of the sweater! I have to say, it's pretty much the sweater I've always dreamed of having for my children and I am completely in love with it and I kind of couldn't stop taking pictures of Anja in it. As you will be able to see in these pictures of the rest of our day.

We made phone calls on the porch swing. Oh, I made that pillow yesterday for the porch swing. Pretty cute, I think, and a very nice touch to dress up the porch and make it more of an extention of our living room. We spend so much time out there, that's really what it is, and I thought it ought to have as much of an outside living room feel as it could. The fabric came from some scraps my sister-in-law gave me, the buttons on the back (which you obviously can't see in this picture... or any of the pictures) are from a shirt that my mother-in-law gave me to repurpose (ugly shirt, good fairy dress material) and the pillow form is an old bed pillow we had in a closet (have I ever mentioned how many pillows we have in this house? When we moved in there were almost as many pillows as Christmas trees in this place!) that I cut to make a square. The only problem with that idea is that now I have all this fluff hanging around the house, which the girls inevitably pull into tiny bits and drag around to every single place they can think of.

This are our little hungarian princesses. One of their new favorite activities is to wear scarves on their heads like this.

Don't they look like old fashioned homeless children? So cute!

Anja reading the new magazine (which also included a subscription) which is for our family, not just me, and is sort of a "survivalist" magazine, which is to say it's a "crazy person" magazine. Martin has been reading it since he was 12. That should tell you what kind of magazine it is.

And we spent some time together on the porch.

....being silly, of course
Just another shot of Anja's sweater. I can't get enough of it!

I felt like I needed to include a picture of Martin since he was so nice today....

And this is just a glimse of Greta's craziness.

I hope all you mamas had a fabulous day as well!


LauraSuz said...

The pillow is really cute Annie. All the stuff you make is super cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! The one of the girls in their scarves should be called "Alms for the poor!"

Love, Mama

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Oh my gosh! That homeless children picture is darling!!! Happy Mothers' Day! :)

Clare said...

Adorable pillow! It makes me want a porch swing to make pillows for! And is that the Backwoods with the goat article? That issue got me hooked on the idea of goats! LOL. Its "Nick's magazine" but I read it quite a bit! :) Happy (late) Mothers Day!

Ben Hatke said...

I love those hungarian princesses!

And, of course, surprise coffee in a chalkboard mug is TONS better than surprise chalk in a coffee mug. Oh, yes.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I used to own that sweater! No joke! (Perkins)