Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Praise Of: VIVA Paper Towels

So at our weekend grocery trip I had a coupon for Viva paper towels. I had never tried them before and they are only about $2 more expensive than the generic brand and OH MY GOSH. Totally worth two extra dollars. These things are like shop towels. You can use them multiple times. AND, I bought a bottle of 7th Generation cleaner (I think they just started carrying these products at Target because I've looked for them before with no luck.) It's a natural cleaner, but it kills the ants as fast as Lysol AND it has a better spray nozzle, so that one spray goes all over the counter instead of just pooling in one spot. This compliments my hardcore paper towels very well! Because instead of getting sopping wet, they wipe up nicely and only get DAMP. I'm telling you, this pair of cleaning products has changed my life. CHANGED MY LIFE.


LauraSuz said...

We got a bottle of 7th generation too, which was way cheaper than I thought it was going to be. Smells so good too!

Clare said...

Yes, I only buy Viva now. You can even throw them in the wash (accident!) and they are still useable!

I might have to try the 7th generation stuff. We have ants.

Second generation ants. The first batch ate my borax/sugar mixture and they died for 3 days.

The new generation is much larger.

Enjoy your new 7th generation and Viva life! LOL

Nick-dog said...

You and my wife are like two peas from the same pod, accept one pea dropped in Indiana and the other dropped in Virginia.