Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Fiddling Weekend

We had a great weekend! The Fiddler's Gathering was full of great music, yummy foods and so many familiar faces! My big regret is that we didn't camp. It would've been the perfect year, the girls would have LOVED it, and it would've given us more of a chance to be at the saturday evening show. (as it happened, Anja and Martin went while I stayed in the car with sleeping Greta.) Well, live and learn... Next year for sure!
The girls really enjoyed their elephant ear and lemon shake-up, and on Sunday the crowds cleared enough that they were able to run wild all over the place. (Greta has no concept of personal space; she doesn't understand that you can't just plow into complete strangers and expect them to be ok with it.) I forgot to put in earrings on Sunday morning, so Martin and Greta sneaked off and bought me two pairs! But one of the best parts was when we moved up to the benches (from our blanket under a shady tree--top spot both days!) for the last show.
They were mesmerized. They just sat there and watched the band, it was amazing! And of course, they applauded too.

Anyway, so fun! So many little kids running around! So nice to see all the old musician friends I don't so often see anymore! And we got fed by our families up at the river ( and lake!) so that was an added fun bonus! The only bummer is that I COMPLETELY spaced the Corpus Christi celebration at St. Boniface. Ugh. I really need to start using a calendar. (I'm supposed to play a Farmers Market or two this summer at some point... Don't ask me when, or even which location! I don't know!!)

Today Martin has taken a vacation day, so we plan to relax and each get a little "work" done (like knitting and catching up on the crosswords) for ourselves. You know, things that don't often happen when you work seven days a week, lol. (ok, I knit all the time. It's the crosswords that don't get done!)

Oh, and to follow up on my recommendations, I watched the Time Traveler's Wife movie. BARF. I'm not one who gets SO irritated about movies not aligning perfectly with the book, and this one did an ok job of that... It was just an amazingly poorly made movie. It didn't make any sense! And it was sooooooooo dramatic (in the vomiticious sort of way) I couldn't really stand it. It took me two nights of watching it in very short intervals before I finally finished it. Too bad, because it could've been a great movie. Oh well.

And my new music recommendation would have to be the French-Canadian band from this weekend (I don't know how to spell the name and the program is in the car, but it's raining.) they were AWESOME!! I loved them.... Definitely my favorite band of the weekend.

And now, while my children are still sleeping (Anja slept until 10:30 yesterday... Um, big weekend?) it's time for some coffee and kitten snuggling. Happy day! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


Clare said...

So I just have to say, I am so jealous of your weekend! Need to make it out for the fiddlers gathering! Sorry your movie was sucha bummer. I haven't seen it, or read the book. The book sounds great though... is it really sad? I don't need a sad book.... so I am afraid to read it...

Annie said...

It is kind of sad, but the very ending is tremendously happy. You must read it!

Someday we'll all camp out at fiddlers and it will be wonderful. Someday..... :)

Sarah said...

Andrew bought on of the CD's by that French band. It is AWESOME! You can borrow it sometime!

I think this year was the best fiddler's ever. As for camping -- Katie says that camping at the Earl Park Festival is supposed to be fabulous in a Fiddlerish sort of way. And you haven't missed it yet. But I don't know when it is.