Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summertime Funs

Our fabulous neighbor(s) Kelsey and Bri gave Greta this tent for her birthday back in March. It has been a great many things from day to day... a circus bigtop, a cat house, a dog grooming parlor... But the other day we dragged it outside to the backyard and had our lunch in it! It was a happy time.Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with the Instagram app? If anyone reading this has an iPhone and doesn't have this [FREE!] app, YOU NEED IT. It is very fun and completely addicting.

And among other fun things....................................

Ta-Da!!!!!! I stayed up late last night and finished my green sweater, TWO WEEKS before my unrealistic deadline!!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe it!!!!!! I am very, very, VERY happy with it. I'm much happier with it than I was with the brown sweater. This one didn't take any tweaking at the end--everything measured just right. The neck is funny, as all my sweater necks are, because I don't know how to do neck shaping. LOL.

My sister and I went to a fiber arts festival last weekend in Franklin, Indiana. It was a very fun time! We just took my two girls and her baby Avi, and everyone was so happy all day long! They had a few lambs and sheep, and SO MUCH FIBER. Unbelievable. Three fairground buildings full of vendors! I got a skein of hand-dyed cotton in a mix of purples and greens, and Sarah got enough grey wool to make her hubby a sweater. We also picked up a hank of un-dyed cotton and were going to attempt dyeing it here at our parents' house today. I remember one time we were doing some experimental crafting up here and the day ended with the microwave catching on fire! Hopefully the dyeing endeavor ends with less drama!

I love summertime!! Greta has recently developed a fear of the car. If it were winter, this might be a problem, but in the summer, not so much! We can walk *almost* everywhere we need to go! Today we walked up here to my parents' house. (My parents must be getting really sick of us. We've been spending A LOT of time up here lately... most especially every Saturday!) This morning we went to the Farmers Market to pick up our CSA (and they told us we have a $10 credit because they didn't give us our full share last week!) and to visit with everyone we saw. Before that, we'd been up bright and early for the library book sale!!! Nothing gets Anja out of bed, dressed and out the door faster than a library book sale! We got some good things this time, it was actually a really good sale. I wish I'd been in the market for more fiction books, because they had TONS.


Anne said...

I can't wait to hear in detail every single thing you got from the book sale so I can pretend that I was there, too!!

The sweater looks awesome! Congrats. It's such a good feeling to make something successfully. It's been awhile since I've done that.

Sarah said...

Ok, seriously. You need to mention the fact that when we caught the microwave one fire we were LITTLE KIDS!! You are much more competent now (in our old age).
Your sweater is awesome -- I can't wait to see it in real life.
And tell Greta that Aunt Sarah's house is a nice walk away;)

LauraSuz said...

LOVE the sweater. You rock.

Annie said...

Oh, c'mon Sarah, what's fifteen years or so when it comes to our skills and maturity levels? Lol!

Thanks for the compliments, guys!!! I have to admit, I'm really happy with the sweater! And with this Sudden cool weather!

Anne, the booksale was good; lots of current fiction, lots of library castoff children books. Hard covers were only a dollar!! Not much in craft/health genres, but I did get a pattern book for knitting. Always fun to browse! The next one is in September!

Clare said...

Oh I have to say it again, I love your sweater! Can you make me one? There is no way I have patience for a sweater. or time. or perserverence. or yarn for that matter. lol :) Super cute. And so jealous of the fiber fest. And the library sale. Although we have those out here, and I never go... so that is my own fault. And so is the sweater actually. I CAN't WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS NEXT MONTH!!!

kels said...

i just love that tent picture!!! so, so cute! and that sweater is great! i'm jealous of your sweater-making abilities.

also- do you have the "words with friends" app?? have i already asked you about this? it's basically scrabble... and you have a username... and you play against people. but the games can go on for days because you just play when you have time. it's really fun!