Thursday, November 13, 2008

And... We're... OFF!

We'll be leaving in a few hours for Tennessee! I'm so excited for this trip. A little vacation. A little fun. A little get-away. Just what we all need! Martin is cleaning out the car right now (so we can mess it up again with different stuff) and Anja is asleep. There are only a few more things to be done before we leave, and everything is perfectly do-able. I'm excited! We've got summer sausage, bread and cheese for on the road, which is what we used to eat when we'd go on picnics when we were dating. Also I got a big batch of cookies made yesterday so we've got sweet treats as well. Milk, apple juice... we're all set!

I'll post pictures upon my return! Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I heard it's going to snow--and STICK!

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Sarah said...

Woo! Have fun. I love a good road trip! I hope your little Anja Pie loves it too -- esp. the car. By the way, her present came. I guess I'll get it to you when you get back.