Monday, November 24, 2008

Twas Three Days Before Thanksgiving...

Yikes! All this enthusiasm for the hoildays, and already I've let Thanksgiving sneak up on me. It's this week!!! Aaah!! This wouldn't be a terribly big deal (three days is a long time to prepare for an upcoming holiday) except that the stores only sell whole cranberries around Thanksgiving, but I like to eat them all year long. I only have three bags in my freezer right now!!!!!! MUST STOCK UP QUICKLY!!!!

I'm always a little sad when Anja goes down for her afternoon nap. Our mornings are so delightful it's kind of too bad when they end. The afternoons are never as great as the mornings--they get hectic toward the end and the second nap is harder for her to catch. But our mornings are SO NICE. She is so much fun these days, and so good. She just plays on the floor or eats her cheerios while I either do a little housework, or just have a cup of coffee and watch her play. This morning she was loving on her baby doll, who has a removable hat. She had the hat and was trying to put it on the doll, but would just rest it in the general vicinity of it's head. If it didn't fall off, she was SO PLEASED with herself!! She'd done it!! She'd put the hat on!!! Hahahaha, she is so silly, but so ridiculously fun.

However, she is also ridiculously constipated these days. Does anyone have any suggestions? It's becoming kind of an extreme thing. I know she eats a lot of breads and a lot of milk, and that's pretty much the problem. Yesterday she basically ate strawberries all day long and I was hoping all that fruit would help move things along, but this morning I had to put her in a warm bath in order for her to *go*. And she cries while she does it. It's REALLY SAD. And just as sad is the fact that we got a can of pumpkin yesterday, but I left all the groceries in the car! (Toilet paper too!!!) So until Martin gets home from work, we're just eating our same old starchy foods.

Okay, well I kind of do want a lot of suggestions on the his poop problem we're having, so I'm going to end this post and make another one about our weekend to keep people from being distracted who might otherwise have good ideas.

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Jill said...

Applesauce always works when Andrew or George are stopped up.