Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gee Whiz!

I was looking forward all morning to getting online and reading people's reaction posts about the election, and hardly anyone has even posted!!! What a bunch of sillies.

Well, our man didn't win, but the bright side is Obama didn't become King-O-the Universe, he just got elected president so he's a definite out in 4 or 8 years. We can handle that. He can screw a lot of stuff up in that time and pass a lot of crazy/awful things, but if things get bleak enough the country will demand "Change" again and we'll be back on track in time. And I'm not going to start the "I'm Moving To Canada!" whining because that's exactly what all the democrats say every time a republican gets elected. And besides, we've got to stick around and put up a good fight!

HOWEVER... if I were to come up with a plan for us all to avoid all this, it would be for John McCain and Sarah Palin to set up shop in Alaska and for all the die-hard republicans, true Christians (not the social Christians, but the real-deal Power Christians) and true Catholics to make our own new country there while the liberals, the wishy-washy swing voters, and those crazy American Bishops who are always going against Rome stay here and bask in their liberalism. Or socialism. Or whatever they end up having here. I've heard Alaska is beautiful and maybe if we lived there, Martin would let me have a baby seal for a pet!!!!!!!

Okay, that's all for politics!

I'm tired of this Indian Summer. I have a few cute maternity turtlenecks that won't fit me once I get too big and I'm eager to wear them. This morning Anja and I went out to Hobby Lobby to price some crafty things I'm looking at for Christmas presents. I didn't really find what I was looking for, but I did find some gorgeous floral fabric that made me want to make [another] quilt. Yikes. As if I don't have enough quilts going already, with no time to work on them!

I think my rag doll is going to be Anja's birthday present instead of Christmas present because I'm almost finished with her dress and then she's done! I will post pictures when she's completely finished.

It might be time to clean the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Annie: I'm with you. When do we leave for Alaska?
I think people are slow about posting because we are all in a depression. Our flag is flying at half-mast (and will until B. Hussein Obama leaves office) and I am wearing black today.
I can't believe the American people could be so shallow. But we have sown poison in our country for the last 60 years and now we are reaping the results of that. Sometimes God just lets us suffer the consequences of our own sinful choices.

Anonymous said...

PS We could all move to Gravagna, til this is over, but the house would be a tad bit crowded. But you could have a goat there and a wild boar!!

Anne said...

Um, I have to confess that I am LOVING this warm weather. I sympathize about the clothing as I actually had to get some short sleeved shirts back out for Charles but being able to go to the park (this will be the third day in a row) is totally boosting my mental stability!! I already know it's going to be a long cold winter for me. I'm not sure I'll be leaving the house at all... :o)

Anna May said...

I assumed the election would go that way. That doesn't make me any happier about it. We are in for one bad ride. Hopefully it will last only four years. I hope Oprah gets this shoved down her throat. And all the rest that voted for him.

I guess prayer is the only thing left for us to do now.

Sam said...

Do you want ANY responses, or just the ones that are sad today?

I voted Obama. I think he was the better (even though by no means exactly what I'd want) candidate.


Beth Facemyer said...

Annie: I have family in Alaska. I am sure they won't mind if we all move in with them for a while.

Elisabeth said...

I'm with you on leaving... though we are called to be leaven in society. I guess this is just another chance. Fr. Tim wisely quoted St. Teresa of Avila yesterday at Mass: "Let nothing disturb you, Let nothing frighten you, All things pass away: God never changes. Patience obtains all things. He who has God Finds he lacks nothing; God alone suffices."

Love the part about God never changes.... after so much talk about change. Some change is good, some change is not good.

It made me feel better. Though it would still be nice to have a President that wouldn't possibly share our country's secrets with terrorists. Or pass horrific abortion laws.

Annie said...

Hm. I think everyone missed my point. I was joking about the Alaska thing... my main point was that the democrats are the ones who always whine and claim they're moving countries when their candidate doesn't win. My point was that there isn't much we can do except wait around and fight when we have to. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that! I thought the baby seal thing made it obvious, but I guess not.

However, I HAVE heard that Alaska is beautiful and I'd love to visit there someday.

Joannie said...

Hahaha, with your track record of pets, I actually thought the baby seal made the whole thing more believeable... hahahaha.

Annie said...

Well, okay, I admit... I WOULD love to have a baby seal.... heh heh heh