Tuesday, November 18, 2008

During Naptime

I never thought I'd say this, but...... I'M TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH LYLE LOVETT!!!!!!!!! Last night's World Cafe was AWESOME, and one of the songs late in the program was "If I Had a Boat," which I've heard before for some reason... I think either Kim or Ryan play it. Somebody plays it, and if it's neither one of those guys, they both should start playing it RIGHT NOW. I just bought the song from iTunes and can't get enough of it. I'd start playing it myself, but it's definitely a man song. Oh well!

Yesterday was a great last day of our vacation. We took both of Anja's naps with her, had baked chicken for dinner, and walked over to the library where I got a OneSkein book. I really wanted to go because of a recent post of Clare's about Jan Brett books. I was really excited to see if they had a good selection and get some to read to Anja, but when we got over there we found the whole Youth Room CLOSED!!! It won't be open again until December! What a bummer. Oh well, it gives me something little to look forward to, I guess.

Anja's having a bit of a constipation problem these days... sorry if that's TMI, heh heh... it's actually really sad. She cries when she poos, and her diaper might as well be full of rocks when she's finished. Tonight after dinner I think she and I will go to the store and buy a can of pumpkin for her. That sure did the trick last time.

I'm excited that winter is here and I'm excited for Martin's new job and I'm excited for the Holidays. I've got to get started on the few Christmas presents that I'm making because soon I'll be out of time. I'm just feeling so cozy these days and really looking forward to the craziness of the holidays! Our last two Christmasses were a little less than enjoyable... the first year we we'd only been married a few days and spent the whole season annoyed with our families, then last year Anja was in the throes of her milk allergy (though we didn't know it) so the whole thing was really difficult. This year Anja is the perfect age and we are finally feeling like grownups and I'm just REALLY looking forward to all of it! Although, we probably won't be doing Midnight Mass, which is kind of sad.

Anja gets so much more fun every day. I keep expecting her to just take off walking one of these days. She's starting to "talk" more, though only we can understand what she's saying and half the time I think we're making that up. Although yesterday we were talking and Martin said he was going to put his shoes on, and she pointed to his shoes and socks on the floor and said what sounded just like "Shoe." So cute! I'm afraid when I tell people things she's started doing that
they think I'm playing the "my baby is such a genius" game, but really that's not true at all. I just like sharing all these funny things she does! I know she's not anything special when it comes to brains... she's probably perfectly average. And I don't even pretend to think she's advanced since the only baby I can remember at this age is Christopher, who by the time Grace was born when he was 14 months old seemed like a little adult. He was talking so well by that time, he practically had full blown conversations with us. So I hope nobody thinks I'm bragging on her smarts, because I promise I'm not.... I just think she's hilarious!

Yesterday at Target we ran into an old friend of ours who is becoming a daddy in April! He is soooo excited, and I'm excited for him, although it made me think, EVERYONE is having babies! It's very crazy. Another good old friend of ours who just got married in July is having a baby in June. Seems like all our friends are getting married and having babies right away!! I didn't know we were old enough for all this... I barely feel old enough to go to the bars. Not that I go to the bars anymore...

Speaking of that, I was driving over on the West Side last night and it was snowing kind of a lot, and it was the first substantial snow I've seen this year and it made me think that if we'd been only dating or without kidders, Martin would've invited me out for a beer to celebrate the first snow.

Last night I woke up and Anja wasn't in her bed. She'd slid down between the beds and was sleeping in the space between them. I tried to put her back on the mattress, but she cried and slid back down into the space again. She slept there until morning! What a weirdo!

Mmmm.... time for lunch.


Anonymous said...

I can't see the title on Anja's book. Is she reading F. Scott Fitzgerald? And you think she is not a GENIUS???
Why were you so annoyed with all of us the Christmas you were married? I don't even remember any tension.

Annie said...

Heh heh heh... I thought that was a fitting picture for that paragraph. She likes to "read" her books in the car, but we forgot to take any on our drive to the lake and we had that one in the car so we gave it to her. We had to take it away when she started eating the binding off.

Oh, yeah, we found everyone really annoying that Christmas. There wasn't ever any tension, we were just quietly annoyed. Probably because we would've rather been in Mexico or something. I dunno.

LauraSuz said...

It's snowed!? I missed it.

And hey, Anja is just a year old, she's got 4 months and could easily catch up with Christopher ;)