Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At Your Friendly Neighborhood Poll!

We've done our civic duty here at the Schap household this morning. Martin woke me up at a horrible hour to get up and go vote. I did--just down the street at the police station--and saw a whole bunch of people I knew, or at least recognized as downtowners. It was actually pretty fun. My mother in law was there, along with my highschool friend Charlie who is a police officer now. I asked him how far apart in age his little boys are, knowing they were close, and he said, "Fifteen months. Are you pregnant?!" When I told him Anja doesn't sleep through the night yet and she'll be one on Sunday, he said I am mommying her too much, and I said, "well, yeah!! Of course I am!" I like Charlie.

Martin has been going around this morning chanting "Yes We Can" in Spanish. I finally said, "You voted for Obama, didn't you?" He replied, "I voted for Change, Annie. Because I want to kill babies with guns that don't belong to me. And after that I'm going to go after all the retarded ten-year-olds, because, really, they should've been aborted." (Obviously he's kidding.) I may be delusional, but I think McCain has a real chance today.

But what is all this?!? I don't talk politics on my blog!!

Well, a Happy Election Day to all my blogosphere friends. I'm spending my week in giant preparation for next weekend, which will be very busy including Elisabeth and John's wedding on Saturday (even though it's in the evening, any family outing around here takes all-day preparation) and Anja Pie's birthday party on Sunday! I'd like to deep-clean the house before the weekend so I can just concentrate on the cake on Saturday and Sunday. I'm kind of nervous about it. It's hopefully going to look like a duck, but I'm not much of a cake decorator.

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Joannie said...

Yay for voting! My brother has run the numbers and said that it will all depend on Indiana. Isn't that crazy? Indiana?! IN would give Obama just the right amount of electoral votes, given the states he's going to most likely take, etc.
So if Indiana goes Obama...
Nothing ever depends on Indiana!! I kind of feel proud for Hoosiers. Well, I won't feel proud if it goes for Obama, I guess. What a year for me to vote outside Indiana. Jeesh.
Okay, I'll stop making your blog political, hee hee.