Monday, September 28, 2009

Who Dropped the TV?

There's a television on my porch and it isn't from either of our moms. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Maybe it got left at the wrong house. Was your new neighbor expecting something?

Michelle said...


please email me ASAP. Brian wants to talk to Martin about workouts.

Joannie said...

that is really strange.

I couldn't find my cookie sheet tonight. My only one. It's nowhere. Where do you misplace a cookie sheet in a tiny apartment with two kitchen cabinets?

Weird things.

Ben Hatke said...

I think you hit on the answer Joannie!

A WIZARD stole your cookie sheet and with a magical spell he turned it into a television and then put it in the back of his wizards pickup truck and then dropped it off at Annie's house!

What I don't get, though, is why he didn't just work the spell on annie's front porch because then he wouldn't have to carry a heavy TV all that way.

Stephanie B. said...

I bet the TV was left by the manners-challenged person who wrote you the hate-mail about your parenting skills. He/she thought you were depriving your children not only with caring for their needs day and night, but for not allowing them a lot of TV viewing.

Joannie said...

I like Ben's idea. I never did find my cookie sheet.

But I have to admit, Stephanie's idea had crossed my mind too.