Thursday, April 29, 2010

Doing It All

I think people wonder sometimes how I have time to myself to sew with two toddlers. Well, there's the truth of it: I don't!
This counts as a crafty post, right? The current project is still not finished... maybe tomorrow.


Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Annie! You look so gorgeous! That is such a sweet photo! :)

Anne said...

It IS a sweet photo!

Jill said...

Does Greta ever try to reach out and grab the needle? I feel like if Thomas were on my lap, he would definitely do that....of course, maybe sweet little girls don't do things like that..? boys do, though.

Annie said...

Thanks, Caitie and Anne!

Jill, Greta DOES try to grab the needle... and the scissors.... and everything else remotely related to danger and sewing. She's actually really annoying to have on my lap while I sew, whereas Anja is awesome. Anja seriously just sits on my lap and watches, or hands me stuff, or plays with my pincushion, or counts my buttons. That's why I usually do my sewing when Greta is sleeping!

LauraSuz said...

I was going to say also that you look really pretty in that picture. You do such a good job of getting ready and being cute everyday. When the girls are older they'll have so much fun watching you do your make-up every morning.

Anonymous said...

I second what Laura said. You really do make an effort to look super cutie every day. Every time I stop by you look great!
I didn't manage that when I just had ONE baby!!! Good for you!
Love, Mama