Monday, September 15, 2008

Bad Dog

I don't know what's up with Karenin but she has been HORRIBLE lately. She's been doing stuff that is completely out of character for her. I know she can be a little bit obnoxious with her everlasting puppyness, but she's rarely BAD. Mostly she's started eating things, the worst of which are Anja's toys. Also we haven't been able to keep her out of the kitchen trash. She's barely ever shown an interest in it before, even when it's overflowing. Now suddenly she lifts the lid and shoves her whole head down inside, even when it's empty. And if it's not empty, she gets garbage out of it and drags it all over. She gets into the laundry room and takes the dirty clothes away. I find shirts and towels all over the house. Yesterday we got a blueberry muffin at Vienna for Anja but she didn't eat it there, so I saved it for us to share for breakfast this morning. But when I let Karenin out of her cage this morning, in the 2.5 seconds it takes me to fill her food dish, she had already gone into the living room and eaten the muffin (wrapped in plastic wrap) right off the table!!! She has never done things like this before!! And it's constant. As soon as I let her out of her cage, the first thing she does is something bad. For instance, this afternoon I let her out of her cage and expected her to ring her bell right away. When it had been a few minutes and she hadn't rung, I went looking for her. She was in the dining room eating one of Anja's puzzle pieces!! I was so angry!!!

Ugh. I was going to write some political stuff on here, regarding a comment I posted on Joannie's blog, but now I'm just all mad about the dog again and I can't really concentrate on anything else.

Anja only just went down for a nap at 3:30. It's been a loooooong day with her. She was throwing toddler-like fits all morning whenever I messed with her. We went for a walk and it was colder than I'd thought it was so I put a sweater on her and she threw a fit. She never regained control so we had to go home. Then later I put her shoes on her and she threw another fit. It's very weird. And she's screaming, not so much like there's something actually wrong, but more like I've done something that really bugged her. And she's started doing this thing when she's mad where she throws herself backward and screams. She does this every morning when I dress her. She HATES getting dressed. Seriously, if you were in our house while one of us is dressing her, you would think she was a victim of really horrible child abuse. She isn't. She just doesn't like clothes, evidently.

She's wearing this really adorable corduroy jumper with a pink long-sleeved shirt underneath and pink tights today. I think she looks so cute like a little school girl. We went into one of the stores on Main Street and the lady asked her (okay, side note: I hate it when people talk to Anja as if she can answer. I never know if I'm supposed to answer their stupid questions or not) why she was so dressed up and told her she should be wearing sweat pants and a hoodie. Um, no thanks. You can dress your own babies like scummy college kids if you want, but I like my baby to look cute. This lady was weird. She asked me if I lived on the West Side and I told her no I live down here, over by the library and she said, "Oh, well let me give you a map of downtown!" and she did, along with a flyer for some downtown events. Right after I told her I lived down here. It was so strange.

We're going up to my mom's house for dinner. She's baking a chicken and making....... MASHED POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will please Little Miss Anja Pie greatly. And luckily for her bowels, I bought six jars of prunes today!


Elisabeth said...

sorry it's been a rough day with the dog and anja getting fussy!!! hope the rest of the day goes better!!!
annie, what's joannie's blog address?

Anonymous said...

I'm super sneaky and don't post to a public blog. Sorry, Elisabeth! : ( I post the mundane details of my life on a livejournal blog, so if you want to join livejournal and become my livejournal friend-- but it really isn't that interesting. : )

I rant on my blog, which is public.

Caitie said...

What a weirdo lady!! Did you tell her that you could probably map out the downtown area with your eyes closed? And while holding your "dressed up" baby? LOL

Clare said...

Maybe your dog is acting bad because of the full moon. I know our dog goes absolutely nuts... and last night Anastasia was going nuts too.