Sunday, September 21, 2008



Remember how I took Anja to the doctor on Friday? Well over the weekend she just was acting more and more sick and the rash that I was told would come never appeared. So I figured the fever was something else and I didn't know what was making her feel so bad. Then today just after we arrived at the Indy Irish Festival, she broke out in a rash all over her face and head. I had noticed it a little bit earlier, just that her face looked a little splotchy, but now it was definitely a rash. And she was acting all weird--cranky, and throwing her head against me and nuzzling me weirdly. So we decided we should just go back home and take her to the Urgent Care because we had no idea what was wrong with her. They'd told me that Roseola wouldn't be on her face, that it would just be on her trunk and maybe a little on her arms and legs. But her limbs and belly and back were clear, this was just on her head.

So we drove back to Lafayette, straight for the Urgent Care, and when we got there she was a basket case and the rash had spread down her back and was a little bit on her tummy too. We told the doctor the whooooole story, starting with the fever last Wednesday, and he didn't seem very concerned at all, and said it was probably Roseola, but he'd do a strep test too. He looked her over completely, checked all the things that doctors check on babies, and they did the strep test, which came back negative. He said it's Roseola and that sometimes the rash is on their head and that sometimes it itches them (hence the nuzzling, and then when we were there, the actively scratching at her head with her hands) and that she might have a headache but she'll probably start feeling better now.

And boy did she! It was actually kind of weird. As soon as I nursed her and we left, she seemed almost back to her old self. Martin thinks that maybe going to see the doctor had a psychological affect on her and that's what made her feel better. Then he also suggested that maybe the onset of the rash was uncomfortable, maybe it was all the ickies leaving her body, and now she feels much better. Well, whatever the cause, she is definitely more back to her old self. WHICH IS GREAT. It's so much easier to have a happy baby than a baby you carry around crying all day.

It was actually really sad at the festival because she didn't have any fun. She would have LOVED it, with all the music and all the dogs (there were TONS of dogs there) but when we showed her the dogs and pet them, she was hardly even interested. It was so sad.

But now she's sleeping and I hope she sleeps better since she seems to be feeling so much better. She's already eating better--she ate half a jar of baby food before bed! Way better than the three bites she's been taking for the past few days.

So the Irish Fest was kind of a bust for us, except for this one REALLY FUNNY thing that happened on the way down. We stopped for fuel in Lebanon and I got out to go use the restroom. Martin said, "hey, wait, your skirt is unzipped" as I was walking away from the car. I felt my waist band and it was zipped up all the way, but the zipper doesn't match at the top. I said, "No, it's just uneven, it's all the way up." And he said, "No, it's completely unzipped!" And I looked down and sure enough, my zipper had separated from the bottom up and MY bottom was on view for the whole gas station to see!!!!! It was too funny to even be embarrassing. We had gone out to breakfast at the Trails with Martin's family so I texted my sister-in-law begging her to tell me that my rumpus had not been hanging out of my skirt all morning!!! She assured me that it hadn't been... so it must've happened on the car ride. Thank goodness!!


Caitie said...

How did Michaela and I not see you guys!? Did you get to see the Makem and Spain Brothers play?

Anne said...

I'm glad Anja's better!!

Annie said...

How did WE not see YOU guys?!? We were sitting at the picnic tables at the Claddagh stage, waiting for Makem and Spain to come on when Anja's rash got so bad and we left. I was bummed to miss them!! Were they awesome?!