Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quickly, Quickly!

I've changed my banner to the more appropriate autumnal look. I stole it from the internet. I like it!

Today (and probably tomorrow and the next day) I'm making some Feast pants for the neighbor boys. Well, one is a boy, the other is a Dad. I made some for my dad last year the night before the Feast when he couldn't find his, so I'm hoping this goes quickly and smoothly, ending with success. Shouldn't be too hard since I've done it before and it's a simple procedure anyway.

And I'd like to make some cookies because I'd like to eat some cookies. But I guess the pants should be my first priority.

It took me more than an hour to get Anja down for her nap today so I'm not very optimistic about her staying asleep for long... so I'd better get mooooving!


Anne said...

I LOVE your new banner!

Anonymous said...

I got the kids' Indian costumes done and now Andrew wants an Indian costume, too. Tomorrow I go out to the Feast for the handicapped kids. It's my favorite day.