Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big Huge Bummers!!!

UGH!!! I am such a moron!!!

So this afternoon I was sorting out select clothes from the laundry basket to wash for the weekend. As I pulled them out of the hamper I piled them on the bathroom counter. When I had everything I wanted, I heaved the pile into my arms and carried it as one load to the laundry room where I dropped it all into the washer... with a weird thud. I thought I'd somehow gotten a shoe in there, so I dug around for a minute, but didn't see anything so I went ahead and ran the cycle.

Well, I just went to switch the loads. In the dryer were a load of Anja clothes, and when I pulled them out I found that a lot of them had mildewed!!!! Not only that, but one of the things was her SUPER CUTE pair of antique-y floral pants that look so cute with her little poncho that she's only worn ONCE!! SAD FACE!!!! I also found a bib, and I was too scared to look at the rest.

So I just put all of Anja's clean clothes on top of the dryer to deal with later and went to put the grown up clothes in. I opened the washer and thought, "That's weird, that looks like my makeup bag." So I pulled it out, AND IT WAS MY MAKEUP BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had washed all the makeup I own. I was seriously speechless!!! And too scared to look at the damage it all did to the clothes, so the whole mess is still sitting in the washing machine as I write this. I am so incredibly bummed!!!!

Another bummer is that Mike Prangley is forecasting SEVERE WEATHER for the Feast weekend!! That will definitely ruin my year.

And yet another bummer is that Anja is a little bit sick. She had a fever last night and it's been running off and on all day today. It seems much better now, and she hasn't been ACTING sick, which makes me think it's just the final body battle over her throat thing. However, if it's still running through tomorrow I may call to see if they think I should bring her in.

There is one bit of bright news and that is that Martin didn't think he'd be home until about three o'clock in the morning, but as it turned out, his dinner got cancelled and he's home now!! Hooray!!! When Anja woke up shortly after he got home, he made me bring her down so he could give her her presents, which are both VERY cool and from the Science Center in St. Louis.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Annie! That's all I can say, Oh, Annie!

Caitie said...

LOL Aw! I feel like singing, "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow"! Take it, Annie!

LauraSuz said...

Ugh - bad days are the worse. Hope today is better for you.

TusaRebecca said...

I talked to God and I say Mike Prangly needs to take another look as weather maps. The Feast is going to be wonderful!!!!!!!!!