Friday, March 6, 2009

Cooler Ranch

Oh my gosh! Martin is such a loser! He seriously doesn't remember when Doritos were called "Cooler Ranch." How can someone forget something like that?!? Sadly, it seems Doritos have caught up with the times and now are just called "Cool Ranch" like everything else. I find this a little bit sad... but what can you do?

I got hooked up with some antibiotics for my yucky infection, which they finally called to inform me about after lunch today. Evidently my pee is infected. I don't know what this means, but as long as it goes away in the 5 days that I'm prescribed to take the antibiotic, I don't really care. It's been a very up-and-down thing... for awhile I feel sort of normal--or at least able to function--and then suddenly I'll feel like death again. It's strange! I've never had anything like this before. I'm glad Martin sent me to the doctor instead of me just waiting it out.

This weather! I love it! And they kept saying all day that it was going to rain this afternoon--ha! I picked Martin up from work (where Anja chased some geese!) because we were already out and about and instead of going home and making tuna casserole for dinner, we kind of skipped dinner to take a family walk instead. (well, Anja got dinner, but obviously she didn't get tuna casserole.) We walked over to Great Clips and Martin got his hair cut. It was such a wonderful evening and EVERYONE was out!

While we were out on our walk, my neighbor Tara called and said she was leaving a bowl of homemade spinach-artichoke dip on our porch. Hooray!! But now I have to go out and get some pita or chips or something so we have something to dip with it.

Part of me hopes that the long walk throws me into labor. Part of me really doesn't care one way or another. I'm not in a hurry anymore to have this baby out. I kind of don't care when it decides to show up. And if it decides to come within the next five days and my symptoms aren't gone yet, I'm definitely getting an epidural... I don't care what my opinions used to be, they've been thrown out the window. (That sounds like I judge people who get epidurals--I don't! I just have a problem with them for myself because of the obvious needle-in-the-back thing, and the possible headache afterward, and the risks involved, no matter how miniscule they are. However, I have to admit that feeling the spinal wear off after my c-section was one of the coolest feelings EVER.)

Anyway. Hopefully our desktop computer will get set up soon and then I'll be able to put pictures up again! Yay!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone. Remember, if I go into labor and you care to know before I get home, you can always check up on my sister Sarah's blog. Otherwise, have a great weekend! I'll be knitting, hoping to get Anja's flower toggle hat done before the baby arrives! I didn't make much progress today, sadly. I kind of spent my whole naptime cleaning instead. Boo.

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LauraSuz said...

EVERYONE is right! We went out around 8 to get bread sticks and SO MANY people were out. I thought about how that used to me, not that I wanted it to me but just how much life has changed for the better in my case.