Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Yum! I Love Cow! I'm So Glad I'm a Horse!"

One of the best things about having kids: playing with toys! The above is a quote from Martin tonight while he was playing with Anja's horses. I'd like to say that he was "playing horses with Anja" but Anja was just kind of watching him while he played with the horses by himself. I love being parents! It's so weird and fun! People who never hang around with kids don't know what they're missing out on... perfectly justifiable opportunities to make a fool of yourself. And the only difference between being a parent vs. being an aunt (or uncle, or nanny, or friend, etc.) is that you get to do it more often.

Sad news: Anja caught Martin's cold. I expect tonight and tomorrow to be the worst nights. She woke up pretty snotty and sneezy this morning and has only gotten sneezier and snottier throughout the day. She went down at her usual time but it's been a challenge to keep her asleep and she is very miserable. It'll be one of those nights where you just count the hours until morning.

She was in a great mood all day today though! And she took a super long nap (another clue that she wasn't feeling all that hot) then woke up exceptionally happy. Martin was gone for her nap--he went shooting guns with his friend Patrick from work. He was VERY excited to be doing this (excited, as in, he laid out all of his guns and gear the night before just to be sure he didn't forget something) but when he came home he didn't have much to say. I thought maybe something had happened and he hadn't had fun, but about an hour later he started talking about it and kind of never stopped. I asked him why he hadn't been this excited when he first got home, and he'd told me that he had been SO COLD that he could hardly function. I thought that was funny. And I was glad he was the one going out shooting and I was the one staying home and cozily knitting on the couch!!

Speaking of knitting.... oh. my. gosh. So, the hat I'm currently knitting for Anja is made in three pieces: two identical pieces that are sewn together to make the hat, and the flower toggle that gets attached to the top. I finished one piece of the hat today during her nap and was going to start the second one, but I looked at the pattern for the toggle and it looked pretty easy, so I went ahead and made it. !!! IT'S SO CUTE!!!!!!! I can't wait to get this hat done for her to wear. My only fear is that it might be a little small. I will DEFINITELY be posting pictures when I get it done. (If we ever get our laptop cleared off so I can upload them...)

Other than that our weekend has been pretty uneventful. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so my germy mom is coming to our house to watch Anja. She had the flu last week and I think she's still carrying the germs around with her in her purse. I don't want Anja to get it, and Martin was going to stay home with her, but it was at a time that he couldn't be gone from the office. Sooo... we're hoping for the best.

I've been having tons of Braxton-Hicks contractions today. It's nothing--I had them like this with Anja too and it never meant anything--it's just REALLY annoying.

Oh! One more thing--I posted on Facebook that I was in the market for a sheepskin for the new baby. Shortly after posting that, my sister-in-law told me that she'd just run across one at their house that is Martin's from when he was little. She brought it over the other night and I worked yesterday and today on combing it out. It turned out looking GREAT!!! And it's sooooooooooooo poofy and soft. I love it. I kind of wish it were bigger so I could sleep on it. And I'm so happy that it was Martin's--it makes it seem so much more special to have our baby sleeping on something that it's daddy played with as a little boy than to just buy a new one off the internet. Combing it out was a pretty funny job... lots of little bits of leaves and grass and acorns and who knows what else from however many years ago came out of it. But it's in great shape and now it looks and feels like new. I put it in the moses basket and Anja climbed right in to enjoy it. Then Theodore climbed in too. I have a feeling it's going to be the most popular spot in the house for awhile!


Anonymous said...

Annie - When I first saw the title of this post here is what I thought
"Yum" - Annie just ate a lot of food and it was good and now she is going to blog about her delicious meal (or dessert) and post some pictures
"I love cow!" = Oh, Annie just ate a ginormous hamburger
"I'm so glad I'm a horse" - Annie has finally come to terms with her pregnant body and is embracing it (and she just ate a lot of food)...

Thats not what you post was about - looks like I was wrong

Maryanne said...

The part about Martin laying out all his guns, etc the night before made me seriously laugh out loud. Justin does THE SAME THING. He gets sooo excited about going out to shoot (or hunt, or fish, for that matter) that he sets everything out the night before, looks at it, and rearranges it. And I usually make fun of him the whole time! I thought he was the only one who did this...