Saturday, March 7, 2009

Up and Running

Guess what happened last night? Martin moved furniture in the backroom and got the desktop computer set up complete with internet, meaning we can now upload pictures again! Not only that, but there now remains only ONE item on my list of "Things to Do Before Dinosaur #2 Arrives." And I think that will be getting taken care of today as well! How freeing it is to make that big fat line through all those listed obligations. *sigh* And because we are ABLE to upload pictures, how could I refuse to post a few of the ones I uploaded this morning?!?!?!
This is Anja on our rainy day walk.
CrazyFace, eating my slipper.

So cute in her little raincoat!!! And she loves eating cheerios out of the cupholder in her stroller! Although on this particular day, most of them ended up blowing away down the sidewalk.

Admiring herself in her raincoat...

Anja in the Hood

The day we decided not to wear pants!

A picture of what we do around here all day: Absolutely nothing. We mostly just lie on the floor.

Best friends... hunting.


"Gee, I hope none of my skinny friends see me eating this doughnut..."

This is the new baby's moses basket made all cuddly with its sheepskin. Anja climbed in and brought a lot of stuff along with her... you can't see but she also has a bunch of her Schleich animals and her blue ball, and possibly a few books, piled around her.

Best friends... snuggling.

Sharing her breakfast with some of her animal friends!

Back home after Laura's shower, reading books and eating bananas.
And that's it for today!


Sarah said...

I remember that blue plaid dress!! It is such a fun one!! I had som ething else to say, but now I forget . . . oh well.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide which pic I like the best! I'm leaning toward "prancing", but they are all so great!
Love, Ooma

Anonymous said...

PS You have a BLACK sheepskin!!!I have never seen a black one before!

Annie said...

Why are you commenting on my blog at 10:14 and 10:15 pm? I thought you were spending the night at the cottage? Please don't tell me you came home because you thought for sure I'd go into labor. If that's the case, you are SUCH a loser.

It's SUCH a fun one!! I had it picked out for Anja to wear to that shower for days in advance. :)

SamG said...

I'm glad you had a moses basket pictured. Every time you talked of one I wondered what the heck they looked like.

My poor underprivileged kids never had one of those.


Joannie said...

Anja has SUCH a personality. She's so funny!! And your captions were hilarious, too.