Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

How does one go about making a banner for her blog? I steal mine off the internet because I don't know how to make my own, but I feel a little guilty for using other people's pictures without permission, and I would like to have a banner that is all mine.

For the first time, I'm keeping my fingers crossed today that I DON'T go into labor any time soon. On Saturday we went to the grocery store and Martin picked up a cute little box set of two Guinness pints and two Guinness pint glasses to celebrate St. Patrick's day, should the baby be here by then. That made me excited and want to have the baby right away. But on Sunday Martin woke up feeling cold-ish and by the end of the day he was mostly lifeless on the couch. When I put Anja down for bed, she did that thing where she throws up all over the place, but doesn't appear to be sick. So last night was another late night for Anja and me, then Martin threw up during the night and is still dead on the couch today. (He swears to me he'll be better by tonight, but I'm having a hard time believing him.)

So this morning I had a doctors appointment, and my mom was supposed to watch Anja. I called to tell her that Martin was sick, and would she rather I just take Anja with me? Her answer was yes because she's been having all sorts of heart trouble this weekend. Boy!

Then there's my neighbor Tara who is our "labor support person." She volunteered herself for the job. But until Thursday, she's not much good to us, since she's in New York!!

So as of this morning, I'm out a labor coach, a backup labor coach, and a babysitter. Luckily, I still have a sister, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law. I know that single mothers give birth all the time, but since I'm not a single mother, I kind of didn't plan to give birth in the style of one.

So I had kind of a crazy morning, having a doctors appointment, Anja needing a bath from throwing up on herself last night, and me having full dog responsibilities. Luckily, I was able to shower before Anja woke up. I ran her a bath and had just plopped her in the tub and begun drying my hair, when there was another kind of "plop" and I peeked around her to see that she'd made a giant poo in the tub. So I got her out, emptied the tub, washed off her bath toys, wiped out the tub, and was running her a new bath when I turned and saw that in that time, she'd peed all over the bathroom floor. I got that cleaned up, got her in the tub, fixed some cereal and was feeding it to her while I washed her, only to turn around once and find that the cat was eating it! The morning just kept getting better and better! At last we were both ready for our day and out the door for the doctors, where we arrived on time and perfectly happy... until I had to put her down to step on the scale, and she started crying and didn't stop until we left.

But at least the birds are singing!

But anyway, I don't think I have anything to worry about. I don't think this baby is going to be making any major moves any time soon.


LauraSuz said...

Now I feel awful about the complaining message I sent you on faceboook! I hope Martin feels better soon!

Sarah said...

If you need a labor coach and / or babysitter, I can help. But I would prefer not to do both at the same time!

Annie said...

Whatever! Don't feel bad!!! I'm writing you back right now.

I almost called you this morning, but then I thought of what a jerk I would be, sending my germy daughter over to play with your *finally* healthy kids! The labor coach would've been a different story. You definitely were first on my call list. Haha, maybe I should've warned you...