Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ew. Someone Had the Barfies.

It's been kind of a strange week. There isn't any baby, and at this rate, I don't really care if it comes two weeks late. On Tuesday I woke up with the barfies; I'm amazingly resilient to stomach bugs, which is awesome, so I was feeling pretty much back to normal by noon, but Martin still stayed home to pamper me all day and to entertain Anja. We both commented this morning on what a nice day that turned out to be!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and birthday party at my sister's house in the evening. I took the cake (it was horribly ugly, so we ran to Rubia beforehand and covered it with flowers. Anything covered in flowers looks pretty!) and the guacamole, and Andrew made his awesome fish tacos. YUM! Unfortunately, Anja was a little on the grumpy side, mostly because she always is a little grumpy at that time of night. Oh well! She still loves seeing her crazy cousins. And it was a good time! I was feeling a little achy, but nothing too major.

But UGH, then I woke up this morning feeling like death! Martin told me to call the doctor, so I did and I saw the nurse practitioner in the afternoon. They didn't tell me much, only that it was probably leftover bug, but maybe a bladder infection or something (um, gross) so they did some checks and told me to call them tomorrow and tell me how I'm feeling. So I guess I'll do that. My mom was convinced I was just in labor, and I told her it didn't feel like that. Unfortunately, I'd made the mistake of admitting to her earlier that I didn't exactly remember what early labor felt like. So she was STILL convinced I was in labor until I was done at my appointment and called to tell her what was up and that no, I was not in labor. I think she'd even told my sister that I was. What a weirdo.

So aaaanyway.... that's all the gross stuff that's going on in this house. The NP seemed most concerned about my fever, but they gave me some Tylenol and told me to take my temperature in an hour and if it hadn't gone down to call--but it did go down, which I guess is good. So it looks like I'm not lying on Death's doostep, and I wouldn't mind if this baby didn't decide to come back until I'm feeling just a little bit back to my old self. Otherwise, I might just ask forget about having a natural birth and ask for a c-section... or at least an epidural.

So after the appointment I picked up Martin and we ate dinner at my parents' house because my mom had been watching Anja for me and the chicken I had set out for dinner at 9:00 this morning was still rock hard at 2:00 in the afternoon. When we got home it hadn't softened up much. I should've put it on the porch! I had no idea what a gorgeous day it was today!! Except for the wind, I guess... but even so!

Anja is so hilarious. Today she insisted on wearing her little froggy bathrobe over her clothes all day. She never took it off! Also, she's become really obsessed with q-tips. Eeeevery day she gets the box of q-tips out and empties them all over the bathroom floor (being sure to throw a few down the vent and a few into the toilet) and eeevery evening I pick them all up and put them back in the box so she can play her game again tomorrow. She loves them. She doesn't even do anything with them, she just likes to kind of throw them around, put them in weird places (like inside our shoes) and try to feed them to the animals.

She's also learned to get on an off of the kitchen chairs, which means she now eats her lunch at the big-person kitchen table instead of her little table. All of her animals are lined up and she feeds them all, then feeds herself each bite. It's VERY CUTE. And I've noticed that she eats a lot better being up at the real table--maybe it's because there are not so many visible distractions? I'm not sure, but she's doing really well with eating these last few days and I'm very happy about that.

Martin is back here working out right now and between his workout sets, he's moving stuff in the Big Room to try and get it in order. Tonight we followed a firetruck home and we were kind of hoping it was going to our house, that maybe our Back Room had burned down. What a blessing that would be! Then we wouldn't have to deal with all the junk and dirt that's back here! Unfortunately, they weren't coming to our house. Oh well, maybe next time.

Everyone should check out Martin's new blog!!!!! He still has his workout blog, but this one will probably be slightly more interesting to read. He recently made a special purchase for himself, something he's been wanting for a long, long time... and ever since then he's been singing the song "The Devil's Right Hand," which is a song that Kim sings. So I guess Martin not only has a new blog, but a theme song as well.

I feel like I've really fallen behind in my housework lately and it's bothering me. Mostly because I know there won't be much time to catch up after our new little critter arrives. Oh well.


LauraSuz said...

That's exactly how I felt last week; If I was going to go into labor I knew I would get an epidural b/c I couldn't breathe so how in the world was I going to do it naturally. I'm glad you're on the mend! It's no fun being sick and 9 month pregnant.

P.S. I kept asking Anne, 'I wonder if Annie's had her baby?!' I was really excited for you...and I still am!

Clare said...

I too was certain your next post was going to be about your new little baby! I hope you feel better! :( That is so adorable about Anja and the Q-Tips! Anastasia just puts them in her ears and nose! I can't wait for pictures of the new baby!! did you finish your hat yet?

Annie said...

Just before I read your comment I was thinking, "Epidural. Definitely having an epidural." haha! Screw going natural if I'm still feeling like this when labor starts!

I haven't finished the hat yet!!!! I have one more side to go, but I did finish the flower toggle for the top and it is SO CUTE. I figure I can finish the last side in two naptimes or less... although that might be a bit optimistic.
Our last thing to do before Baby comes is set up the desktop computer so we can once again upload photos. I have so many already that I want to post, and those are just of Anja!
p.s. Anja doesn't stick much more than her finger up her own nose, but she loves to stick q-tips and things in the dog's nose!