Friday, September 4, 2009

... And then Anja threw up.

This seems to be the ending of many otherwise-perfectly-normal-and-enjoyable nights. Poor baby. Yet another reason why I tend to freak out about her getting enough sleep... because when she doesn't, we end up staying up having late-night baths and washing barf out of the carpet or the carseat, or both.

The girls and I had a lovely day, except for that part of the morning when the blasted dog took off through a hole in the fence and was gone for awhile, then I chased her down and the nice man at the library helped me to get her home so I could run back inside to make sure Anja hadn't killed Greta in the ten minutes I was gone. I am definitely going to bake him some peanut butter cookies next week. (I was going to do it today, as you might've read on Facebook, and maybe I should have... but I cleaned the bathrooms instead.) We had been planning on going to my sister's house for a playdate, but the dog kind of spoiled those plans. Oh well.

But anyway, the rest of the day was really nice. Both girls took a long nap AT THE SAME TIME, which is why I was able to clean both bathrooms. When they woke up we walked up to Vienna to meet Martin and our friend Matt on Martin's lunch break. It was great to get the long walk, but I somehow always forget how completely insane campus is at this time of year. I'm so afraid of getting run over, either by a vehicle or a skateboarder, or a large herd of sorority girls. But it was a very nice little break in the day, and Martin gave us a ride home, which was also nice. Also, my mom stopped by to see the girls and deliver some homemade soup, which we will eat tomorrow for lunch, because...

When Martin got home this evening I suggested we use the giftcard to Logan's Roadhouse that we have in the bottom of our giftcard drawer. I sometimes think to look through our giftcards when I'm getting stuff out of the drawer, and I had forgotten about that one because it was all the way on the bottom. Martin thought we could get dinner for both of us for just the amount of the giftcard, and he was right! We only went 40 cents over! Which was great, because then we were already using the card to leave a tip. So we got dinner for all of us for only the cost of a tip. Plus, it was really fun and the girls were AWESOME. So cute and happy and great. Another little surprise was that there was a couple next to us who seemed to be very grandparentish, and they gave us a card for a free appetizer! How nice of them!! Also, ROSSIE was there!! He has a girlfriend who is very pretty. I hadn't seen him in almost two years. Isn't that hard to believe. I used to see him every day! *sigh*

Well, anyway, it was a really nice little family date. And we haven't eaten out at a real restaurant in ages. We came home and Greta pretty much went straight to bed, but Anja was kind of wound up and since she got such a good nap, I waited until 8:00 to try and put her down. But she was really hyper and wasn't going for it... so we let her stay up a little later, and then she was being so darn cute that neither of us wanted to put her to bed. So she just stayed up and we kept playing with her and it got later... and later... and later... until finally we tried a couple more times to get her to bed, unsuccessfully, and Martin took her for a drive.... and that's when she threw up. Big, big mess.

BUT SHE WAS BEING SO CUTE. I wish I had a video camera attached to the end of my nose so I could document every cute thing she does and then share all my little videos on this blog. But I can't explain their cuteness. When I tell something she does, I just make it sound stupid. You just have to be there and see her funniness to appreciate it.

This weekend ought to be nice. Tomorrow is Global Fest and LayFlats, and we're going to try to hit both in the morning. Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Beth F said...

While we are sharing puke stories....(TMI, but at your risk)

Margaret had a bug last week...after they were in bed for the night, M got herself up to go to the bathroom, then crawled into our bed to sleep (as she often does.) I knew she had been moving around then I heard her crying. She puked in our bed. Even better? On my pillow. Nice.

K of course caught the bug and puked in his bed. We changed his sheets and 12 minutes later, he did it again.

Isn't parenting fun?

PS I am glad you had a good dinner though!

Anne said...

I keep meaning to tell you that Monica is practicing the dragon face and getting pretty good at it! ;o)

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

It's been almost a week! Where are you!? LOL

LauraSuz said...

I second Caitie's comment!

Anonymous said...

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