Friday, September 11, 2009

Packing Up My White Pants

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the lack of posting. I actually had a post written earlier this week, but I decided it was too depressing to publish. It was all about how fall is coming and it's coming too soon because I don't feel like I've gotten enough out of my summer. My garden croaked almost as soon as I planted it, my suntan was pathetic, and I spent most of the time indoors because it seems like someone is always hungry, sleeping, or crying. It's a rare thing when both girls are happy and ready to go at the same time. As a result, we don't get out much. So maybe I should be glad that fall and winter are coming because it'll be a good excuse to stay indoors and I won't feel like such a lame-o anymore.

We've been having fun lately, but we always manage to stay out five minutes too late. On Labor Day we went over to the house of one of my sister and brother-in-law's friends, the Bosmas. Their house is very cool and when you stand on their deck you feel like you are in The Elven Forest. We had a good time; ate good food, swung on their rope swing, played with their children, and Anja had a wonderful time gathering rocks in the creek. We dressed the girls in jammies for the ride home, but we didn't make it there without The Meltdowns.

Yesterday Martin took the day off work to "get things done." He went hunting in the morning, then spent much of the rest of the day doing things that are impossible to do for someone who works regular business hours. It was a very pleasant day. We took the girls over to Tapawingo Park late in the day and Anja LOVES going down the slides. We found a very fun praying mantis as well. I love them.

I've been making this oatmeal bread lately that has only turned out yummy ONCE. Every other time (and it's been many times) it's been a brick. So my mom gave me her recipe (and some bread flour, and some buttermilk, and some yeast....) and I made four loaves today. WOW. I'm not sure if it's a family secret, but if it isn't, I'll definitely post the recipe on The Cooking Blog. It's delicious! And four loaves at once!

I can't really think of anything else that's going on around here. I've started knitting a hat for Anja and it ought to be done by the time our first grandchild is born. Our house is a complete wreck and I can't seem to get it under control. Something ate through my clothesline, but our dryer has been doing better lately; I think it just needed a rest. The closing for the Cooks' house was set for today, so we should be getting new neighbors soon. Oh, and The Feast is coming up, so I am making a birthday present wish list in my head.

I wish I had a million dollars, or at least a few hundred, to re-do the Big Back Room. I have such great visions of it, but they all include very expensive improvements. Like wood flooring, a wood burning stove, lanternish light fixtures, and a very specific bed that they used to sell at Copper Creek Canyon, which has been out of business since before I was married. It also involves building closets and transforming the mudroom into something cute, yet functional. Okay, scratch the million. I need a zillion dollars for all the improvements I want to make!

Martin's office is on a retreat today. I think this is hilarious and wonderful. I was supposed to make tabouleh, but SOMEONE (M*cough*artin!) forgot to remind me, and so I just had to throw together some peanut butter cookies at the last minute instead. I hope they are all having fun! His office cracks me up.

I LOVE how Anja loves animals and is totally unafraid of them. People with dogs are always so apologetic, and I don't think I am ever able to convince them that she REALLY AND TRULY doesn't mind being knocked down by a big dog. We are in the back room right now, and she and Karenin are getting along so nicely. Karenin is just following her around everywhere, and if she gets in Anja's way, Anja just shoves her aside. Anja is MUCH nicer to Karenin these days than she is to Theodore. I know that you all are going to vomit in your mouths a little bit when I say this, but Theodore and Anja are seriously like siblings. She gets SO MAD at him sometimes! It's hilarious. Sometimes she'll pull a chair out from the table to stand on and Theodore will jump up and sit on it, and she will scream at him and start pushing him off, except he's so fat, he just sits there and looks at her and she just screams louder and starts hitting him. It's the funniest thing ever, until I have to intervene, and Theodore is so fat he's slippery, which is pretty disgusting, and also makes it difficult to pick him up. Oh, but I love to watch them together! I love to see Anja get angry with him. Because then at the same time, when we wake her up in the morning sometimes Theodore comes in for a morning snuggle, and she'll just put her arms around him and they will cuddle up together for a little bit. They are seriously best friends.

Okay, you can stop barfing now, I'm done.


AnnLaura said...

Want Mimi's bread recipe? It involves starter and is a bit crumbly but delicious.

LauraSuz said...

I hope it's not a family recipe. We've been downing oatmeal bread and making it would be so fun!

Sarah said...

You made it sound like mama's recipes was for oatmeal bread. It's for white bread, and it is TRULY FANTASTIC.