Saturday, September 19, 2009

An Applicious Saturday!

I have this dream of having a weekend where we wake up, and just spontaneously decide to do something fun, and then are actually are able to DO it. This is the way I've always envisioned life as a little family. But in real life, our weekends are always packed full of obligations. Family obligations, house obligations, work obligations.... We never seem to have a free day. A normal Saturday around here is to wake up, get ready, head to the Farmers Market, then spend the rest of the day doing regular things. Not today! Today we woke up, got ready, looked up apple orchards, packed up a few things and headed down to Stuckey Farms. And we had a wonderful time! It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. We got two bags full of apples (for about $6!), most of which Anja picked (until she got tired and Martin had to pick the last few). We rode on their tractor wagon out to the pumpkin patch where we just kind of played in the pumpkins, then we walked back to the main store. They have bees making honey (I don't think Anja knew what they were) and all sorts of jarred goods that we didn't buy. The place was super busy, so we'd like to go back sometime earlier in the morning. The girls slept all the way home, we were able to hang out at home for awhile, then head to confessions at St. Ann's. We were going to stay for 4:30 mass, but Anja was CRAAAAZY, so we went back home instead. Oh well!

Last night I played for Gallery Walk, which was also Two Tulips' 10th Anniversary party, as well as their grand re-opening in their new (and improved!) location. It was really fun to play a Gallery Walk again. Martin kept the girls at home for 2 hours, then brought them down for the last hour of it when Greta got hungry. They were SO well behaved, and we (Kim and I) closed up the night with "How Much is that Doggie in the Window" featuring Anja Schap on the "woofs." She. was. awesome!!!!!!!!! She actually did them! And they were perfect, and so incredibly cute!!!!! Greta got passed around to all the grandmothers, of course, and Kim and I had our fill of cake and punch, as well as some frozen "Dirty Ivan"s that Kim went up and got from K.Dee's, which were spectacular. It was a great night!

I'm getting back into playing music. Now that Martin isn't working late very often anymore, and never on Thursdays, I'm usually able to make it down to K.Dee's on Thursday nights in time to play for an hour or so with Kim and George. I'm going to play at the Octoberfest on the 3rd, and I might do that as a solo show because Kim is playing with two other bands later in the day. I played at the Ivy Tech homecoming last weekend, which was fun, and Kim and I are playing at the Delphi Library later in October as well. It's just like the old days!

Now that we've got all these delicious apples though, I have a good amount of pie crust to be making.

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Anonymous said...

Super cutie pictures, Annie! I'm so glad you had a fun Fall day.
Love, mama