Thursday, September 3, 2009


Last night Martin went out to Barnes & Noble to get himself a book with the giftcard he got from his mom for his birthday. He came back with his book (a Zombie Invasion book that only a real weirdo would be interested in. Martin is all about the Zombie Invasion these days... I'm beginning to think he actually believes in it) as well as a book for me! "Notes from the Underbelly" by Risa Green! It's just as funny the second time reading it, and it's still ranked as THE funniest book I've ever read in my life. I LOVE IT. Not only that, but also on his giftcard he brought back yummy drinks for us from the B&N cafe, so we sat on the porch with our delicious drinks (mine was a pumpkin spice latte--decaf, for Greta) and read our new books together. Well... for a few minutes, until the misquitos started eating us alive and we moved inside to the couch. Anyway, it was a nice little treat. I love surprises!

Something weird happened today and I can't decide if it's a sign, or if it's just me reading too far into things. So remember way back in July, when Greta had that high fever and we took her to the ER? They did a urine test on her (awful, btw) because they thought if she had a bladder infection it could be bad for her kidneys. Anyway, the original thing came back clear. But today we got a letter in the mail asking to call the ER and ask for the nurse about those test results. Turns out, the sample did grow something. But that was more than a month ago, so I ought to be able to just disregard it, right? WRONG. Because for the past two or three days, Greta has been very fussy. We've been blaming the same old scapegoat: Teething. I really haven't been worried at all, until I got this letter. And I'm wondering, is that weird letter a sign that I should take her in instead of waiting until her next checkup, which isn't until the 20th? Or is the weird letter nothing, and I'm just making things up to go along with it? Hmmm.....

Sometimes when I'm picking up the house at night after the girls are in bed I start looking forward to the morning when I get to have my coffee and when Anja will wake up and be so happy and funny. Sometimes I leave things set up for her on her little table that weren't there when she went to bed. Last night it was a few dogs sitting in some little chairs. Tonight it's some different dogs, not sitting in chairs. She likes to find things.

Boy, am I beat. It's been a surprisingly long week. I'm glad this weekend is a holiday!

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